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Social Emotional Ethical Learning

Taking care of Mental Well-Being of your child. 

About Social Emotional Ethical Learning

Children who learn how to understand their emotions and that of others are better able to regulate their own responses to strong emotions; a component that emphasises developing personal and social skills.
Helping children to identify and label emotions is an important first step as it paves way for Emotional development, helping children grow into well-adjusted adults. In their formative years if children are able to identify different feelings and express them (through words/pictures), then they learn to process the difficult emotions, which eventually enables them to be healthy emotionally and psychologically.
SEE Learning, fosters social, emotional, and ethical learning in K-12 (kindergarten through high school) classrooms, and is used as a vehicle to maximize the flourishing of present and future generations.
From early on in Pre-Primary & Primary classes, we aim to attune emotions which is a vital building block for emotional intelligence. Once a child develops the skills to identify their emotions, they begin to develop self-awareness and channelize their mental energy optimally.
At Khaitan, we believe that just like any other skill vital to healthy social and emotional development in your child, learning how to identify and cope with emotions needs to be supported and encouraged as well.

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