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Career Enlightenment Series

Global Career Fest 2023

Success Alert! Our Global Career Fest was an absolute hit! A big thank you to all the parents and students who participated with enthusiasm and curiosity. It was wonderful to witness the buzzing energy and see all the questions being answered.

We had the privilege of hosting 30 esteemed universities, both from India and abroad. Each institution provided our students with invaluable insights into various courses and demystified the admission processes.

For many, it was an eye-opening experience, setting the stage for future academic aspirations. Here’s to empowering our students and paving the path to their bright futures!

Global Career Fair 2022

On Friday, December 9, 2022, a Global Career Fair was held on our school campus, with over 35 Indian and foreign universities visiting and catering to all types of Undergraduate and Postgraduate academic courses. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet directly with admissions officers from the participating universities and learn about the admissions process, criteria, fees, and scholarships available to students. With the career-building facilities, it proved to be a golden opportunity for students in grades IX-XII to achieve their future goals more smoothly.

University Connect

An engaging virtual session was facilitated by Unibrijj between the University of Wyoming, USA, and Khaitan Public School in July 2021. This session was a part of a series focusing on USA universities. Mr. Anand Kumar, the Vice Principal, along with the counseling team of Khaitan Public School, attended this enlightening event.

Mr. Daing Nasir showcased the state-of-the-art facilities of the University of Wyoming through a detailed virtual campus tour. He delved deep into the university’s programs, accommodation, scholarship opportunities, and much more. The discussion also centered around how the University is adeptly meeting the educational needs of students, given the current global scenario. Mr. Nasir highlighted that students have the flexibility to enroll in either the June, November, or April semesters. Furthermore, he shed light on the major academic programs and cultural activities that are especially popular among Indian students.

Mr. Daing Nasir encouraged the spread of information about the University of Wyoming within the school community. Overall, the session was both informative and insightful.

Securing Admission in Prestigious Ivy League Institutions

Khaitan Public School is committed to guiding its students by equipping them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and experiences that shape their academic and career choices. On 15th May 2021, we organized a specialized interactive session for our Class XI and XII students titled “Strategies for Securing Admissions in Top Ivy League Universities Globally.” This session was helmed by experts from Jamboree.

During this enlightening event, participants delved into the specifics of the admission criteria, opportunities for scholarships and financial assistance, and the overall application process for these elite universities. Moreover, students received insights about key entrance exams such as the SAT, TOEFL, and IELTS. Additionally, the workshop shed light on the nuances of the American Education System and drew comparisons between the education systems of the USA, UK, Canada, and Germany. This session was instrumental in offering a clearer roadmap to students aspiring to study at global educational pinnacles.

Career Webinar

Career counselling planning and placement team organised a career webinar on the topic Fellowship for higher education in India and abroad on 17th July for the students of class XI and XII, Mr. Reeturaj Goswami a career guidance expert conducted the session. He guided the students about how they can apply for scholarships for their undergraduate courses in India and Abroad. Students got an opportunity to know about different scholarships and how they can avail them. They were also equipped with tips for profile building.

Law as Career

Law as a profession is in great demand these days, Keeping this in mind KPS organised a webinar Law as a career as another milestone in career enrichment series. Mr. Sanjeet Bhatia a renowned speaker and graduate from National Law University Bhopal  conducted the session on 3rd July 2021.He discussed the admission procedure and other requirements for Law as one of the career options. He gave an insight about the actual world of work of Lawyers. Students got an opportunity to know about Law entrance exams which are a gateway for students to get entry into the top law colleges in India and Abroad.

Career Counsellor

KPS Global Career Fest: A Resounding Success!

On 10th & 11th September 2021, Khaitan Public School, Sahibabad hosted the acclaimed Global Career Fest. This annual fest, aimed at providing students with insights into contemporary careers, saw participation double from last year with an impressive 4,850 registrations. Approximately 1,637 students actively participated and benefited from this virtual extravaganza.

This year’s goal was to ensure over 75% of our students secure placements in top Indian institutions and more than 10% in renowned global universities, including Ivy Leagues. Our students achieved placements in prominent institutions like the State University of Pennsylvania, University of Queensland, and the University of Ottawa, among others.

The fest began on a positive note, intertwining with the joyous celebrations of Lord Ganesha. Besides our own school, institutions like The Khaitan School Noida and Sunny Prep and High School Kolkata, among others, joined the initiative.

Esteemed dignitaries like Mr. Amit Dhawan (Chief Guest from Birlasoft), and acclaimed Career Counsellor Mr. Jitin Chawla graced the occasion. The emphasis was on adaptability, setting goals, and understanding one’s interests to add value to the global landscape.

Sessions encompassed a vast array of subjects: Engineering, Architecture, Multimedia, Business Administration, Psychology, Sports, Data Science, Media & Communication, Environmental Science, Fashion & Design, Maritime Careers, Linguistics, Law, and more. These were conducted by professionals and representatives from top-tier global and Indian universities, underscoring the vast career opportunities available to students.

In essence, the KPS Global Career Fest continues to be a beacon of guidance and inspiration for students, even in challenging times, proving its significance in the Ghaziabad region and beyond. The diverse range of sessions and global participation showcased the fest’s commitment to equipping students for the future.