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What is a Virtual Open Day?​

Nothing can replace a face-to-face visit and tour of our school, a Virtual Open Day is an excellent way to get to know our school from the comfort of your home. Get to know our Senior Leadership team, get an insight into our school and ethos, and ask your questions in a live Q&A!​

Students' Achievements

Academic award for one of the top schools in Ghaziabad

Academic Awards

Students shown excellence in different sports category

Sports Awards


Co-Curricular Awards

One of the Best Schools in Delhi NCR: Khaitan Public School

Peggy Sood
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Literacy at KPS

The robust literacy program in the Primary school. The program has been in practice for over five years and has yielded remarkable results in boosting the linguistic prowess of our students.

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Sports Curriculum at KPS

The physical education at Khaitan Public School. The interdependence of academics fitness and mental well-being is at the core of the program across Nursery to XII

7 Acres of land for sports activity in Kps


Acres State-of-the-art Sports Campus 


Student-Teacher Ratio 

Student teacher ratio in Kps
Different sports in KPS


Sports Actvities 



Students Cultural Clubs in Kps
Total number of students in KPS



Our Leaders

Anirudh Khaitan

Vice Chairman
Double Major in Entrepreneurship & Finance, Boston, MA, USA

Mamta Kapoor

Director Teaching and Learning
M.Sc. in Leadership & Management from Leicester UK

Paul Richardson

Middle School Learning Advisor
NPQH National College for School Leadership 2003

Annie Natarajan

School Recruitment Advisor
National College for Teaching and Leadership, UK

Focus Programs

Trinity certification in Khaitan Public School

Trinity Certification

The Trinity College Certification offers a performance-only

TEDx events in Khaitan Public School


A TEDx event is a day
filled with brilliant speakers, thought…

MUN Conference in Khaitan Public School


The KhaitanMUN
Inter-school Thinkers’ Conclave…

Entrepreneurship and Leadership Programs in Kps


I-LEAD is a leadership program organized for the 3300 strong…

Security in Khaitan Public School
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Your Child's Safety is Our Priority

All efforts at KPS are made to provide the students with a secure and sheltered environment. Cameras feeding a 24/7 surveillance control room ensure that no part of the campus is left unmonitored. In addition to the security measures taken, evacuation drills are conducted periodically.
24 hour CCTV Surveillance in Kps

24 Hours Surveillance

Safe transportaion in KPS

Safe Transportation

Biometric Attendance in Kps

Automatic Attendance

Electronic entry/exit in Kps

Electronic Entry System

Parents Testimonials

Recent Events

Schools in Ghaziabad.


Khaitan Public School

has been committed to foster knowledge, skills, and values in its students using the modern education system since its foundation. We have a strong belief that teaching has a noble purpose of encouraging the young brains to learn more, learn in a better ecosystem, and help them emerge as strong individuals with a complete focus on their goals while maintaining a subtle commitment for the upliftment of society they live using their skills and knowledge. Our ideology, passion, and best practices make us the

best CBSE school in Ghaziabad.

Genius is often misunderstood as ‘being blessed’ or ‘being different.’ So, how many times you have characterized Albert Einstein or Warren Buffett as ‘different? Do you know the steps to […]

Human beings have the special ability to learn new skills through play and interaction. As children we learn alphabets, numbers, social norms, and roles & responsibilities through playful interactions and […]



Virtual Tour of KPS

The best school to send your kids to so that they can become the leaders of tomorrow and leaders for life.



Properly Planned School

Infrastructure is a key factor in effective teaching and learning.


With over 15,000 books and a sun-lit, colourful ambience, the library at Khaitan is a welcoming place for readers A properly planned school infrastructure.


Day Boarding


All-weather Swimming Pool

In order to nurture sporting talent without any interruptions, the school provides an all-weather,half-Olympic sized swimming pool.


Water Park

Guided by achievers in life and equipped with modern technology, KPS allows students to chase their dreams, follow their passion and emerge as future leaders. Our students are principled, techno-savvy, and great communicators. We lay great emphasis on following a collaborative approach while carefully guiding them to practice individual thinking. We teach them to take risks, control actions and adopt a balanced approach in life. Today, when are one of the

top schools in Ghaziabad

, but we, perhaps occupy the sole position when it comes to teaching our students the true behavioral skills and the opportunities to practice them until they become pro. And, that in a real sense, is the sole mission of a school – to create leaders for tomorrow, which we all can be proud of!

Schools in Ghaziabad

Khaitan Public School strictly believes in purpose and quality of education. As one of the best schools in Ghaziabad, the primary focus of KPS has always been on providing student-centric education while ensuring what is best for them, is offered seamlessly. We strongly believe that purpose of education is to bring change that makes world a better place for all of us! Call now for further queries!

Literacy and Numeracy skills

At KPS, our experienced teachers adopt innovative and engaging ways to inculcate literacy and numeracy skills among students in a fun way. As the best CBSE school in Ghaziabad, we strongly believe that children learn better when they are not ‘forced’ to learn. We create a learning experience that helps them develop personality and emerge as logical and responsible individuals.

Programs offered at KPS

As one of the most reputed schools in Ghaziabad, KPS is offering a diverse range of programs such as: Entrepreneurship Program, Life Skill Program, Study Camps, Olympiads, Open Door Assessment, Mindobox- to develop creativity and life skills, Fitzroy Reading program to inculcate study habits as per their grade-level in a fun way, and Trinity College Certification for budding musician, which is recognized by education authorities worldwide.

Admission Process at KPS

Admission process at KPS is simple and quick! All you have to do is click here and fill an online application form to get an entry to the best CBSE school in Ghaziabad. Our admission staff will help you at each step of the process. You will be invited to visit the school premises and an interaction will also be scheduled with the child. Once the child clears the exam, parents will be called for an interview with the Principal. Once selected, parents are required to fill in the application form and deposit school fee. Apply now!

2nd School Rank in Ghaziabad

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