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Fostering Critical Thinking

Abilities and Communication

Skills in a Child


As one of the best CBSE schools in Ghaziabad, our focus is always on over-all development of the child and offering unique educational and skill development programs that help us bring the best in them. Just browse through some of our unique programs and decide for yourself.

Entrepreneurship Program

The Entrepreneurship Program follows a unique methodology that consists of activities, simulation exercises, discussions, audio/video, role-plays and real-life experience sharing. Students ideate, create business plans and learn from entrepreneurs. As a culmination to the program, the students organize a mega event like a carnival. It is the entrepreneurial team, which takes charge of the conceptualization,  promotion, budget and outsourcing.

Life Skills Program

Life Skills are major indicators to judge the overall development of the students as per CBSE. The program is a mix of activities, simulations, interactive discussions and audio-visuals, which cover key areas like self-reflection, goal-setting, managing emotions and relationships.

Study Camp

The Study Camp is conducted for the students of class X and class XII, who face challenges in particular subjects or topics. Students are given a conducive learning environment, in the school campus, with thorough aid provided by teachers for the two-day camp.


Olympiad examinations at school level are competitive examinations, based on the school syllabus. They are conducted through various independent organizations like SOF, IMO, IEO etc. These examinations give the students a taste of the nationwide competition and help them procure merit certificates for academics, which are of use during college admissions.

Maker Space

Maker Space is where our students gather to think, create, invent, explore and discover using a variety of materials. It is a space where tinkering little minds start thinking logically and technically, using practical experiments and easy-to-procure material.

Sneak Peek

Trinity College Certification

Trinity College has been assessing music around the world since 1877 and over 700,000 candidates in over 60 countries take a Trinity exam each year. Khaitan Public School offers Trinity College London music qualifications for budding musicians in Drums, Guitar, Keyboard and Tabla. Fully accredited by the relevant UK regulatory bodies. Officially recognised by education authorities worldwide.