Life at Khaitan

Fostering Leadership Skills

and Teamwork 

Safety and Security

The safety of the students is the primary concern. All efforts at KPS are made to provide the students a secure and sheltered environment. Cameras feeding a 24/7 surveillance control room ensure that no part of the campus is left unmonitored. In addition to the security measures taken, evacuation drills are conducted periodically. The students are guided to refer to the evacuation maps displayed in every classroom and along the corridors in order to vacate the building and reach the safety of the school greens in under three minutes. 

At KPS we are safe!

  • Our wounds and sneezes are tended by trained nurses.
  • If no one comes to pick us up at the bus stop, we are safely taken back to school.
  • Every inch of our school is under CCTV surveillance with certified security guards.
  • No one can enter or exit through our electronic entry system without a valid ID card.
  • We always have two female attendants on the bus with us.
  • Our buses are fitted with speed governors that never let our drivers drive dangerously.
  • We have GPS enabled SMART CARDS so our parents know we are safe at all times.