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Fostering Critical Thinking

Abilities and Communication

Skills in a Child

Technology In Education

The use of technology helps us deliver nothing but the excellence as the Best Schools in Ghaziabad. Just scroll through this page to know how we make best use of technology to provide an interactive learning lessons to our students.


A learning space for our students to experiment with new ideas and pursue their own technological interests. A space for responsible exploration, ideation, design, and creation. It is a unique platform for students and teachers to get training on the latest technologies like AI, Robotics, IoT, Animation, Virtual Reality, Audio Engineering, Graphics etc. The rich curriculum at the TechZone has completely transformed the landscape of KPS’s Tech education.

Flipped Classrooms

A flipped classroom is one where students are introduced to content at home, and practice working through it at school. In this blended learning approach, face-to-face interaction is mixed with independent study via technology. Students watch pre-recorded videos at home, then come to school to do the homework armed with questions and at least some background knowledge.

Virtual Classrooms with Microsoft Teams

Experience the transformative world of virtual learning with Microsoft Teams’ Virtual Classroom at KPS. Our Virtual Classroom provides an immersive and interactive platform where students engage in live classes, meaningful discussions, and seamless collaboration. With a comprehensive suite of tools and features, students actively participate in real-time discussions, submit assignments digitally, and receive prompt feedback.


The school integrates all the departments, processes and functions by consolidating all relevant information on a secure central server, which helps in better sharing of information and its retrieval. All academic data is also streamlined on a dashboard, wherein the progress of the
students can be mapped and the school management can take prompt decisions.