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About Major events at KPS

The Events at Khaitan Public School are special moments, rich in meetings and emotions and also in terms that they are all Student Led. Right from, planning, shaping the events, organising for logistics, execution and follow up is done by the students. These activities are the right example focusing on the vision of the school, making its students Leaders for Life as we believe the world is changing and our khaitanians are the generation of changemakers. They are making a difference by leading the in-house events like Meraki and Kala Parv as well as the global events like KhaitanMUN and TEDx.

Model United Nations at Khaitan Public School

An educational simulation and academic activity in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations and the UN. It provides delegates with confidence and polished oratory skills, knowledge of global affairs, a flair for research, managerial skills, and, later in life, the opportunity to earn money by being a member of the MUN society.

MUN provides a platform for digitally talented students through online promotions on the website and social media, as well as the design of printed materials, banners, and logos, among other things. The International Press at MUN is an excellent platform for creative writing, art/cartooning, and digital designing. From an inter-personal and societal perspective, it gives exposure to problem solving ability, develops inter-personal skills and a sense of belongingness where they meet like-minded friends and get another way to connect with the alumni.

To build the Khaitan MUN society, students
  • undergo training with veteran MUNers.
  • participate in MUNs conducted by other schools.
  • conduct intra-school MUNs for exposure and selection for higher level MUNs.
  • create an MUN club where they train, practice and perfect their skills.


"Art doesn’t give rise to anything in us that isn’t already there. It simply stirs our curious consciousness and sparks a fire that illuminates who we have always wanted to be".

With the purpose of unlocking the aesthetic talent and skills of its students, Khaitan Public School organizes Meraki, a week-long Performing Arts Festival. The Greek word ‘Meraki’ means to put soul, passion and creativity into what one creates or produces. The purpose of this festival is to showcase the talent and creativity of the students in the different facets of dance, theatre and music. It is a student-led programme, although it is impossible to come to life without the constant support from the Performing Arts, Events and Media Departments of the school. The event encourages creative Khaitanians to be self-confident and to love and pursue their fields of interest. The event is supported by the excitement and curiosity of the young aspirants. The audience witnesses breath-taking dance, music and theatre performances throughout the week via YouTube Live.


With the purpose of sharing artistic ideas and creating a heady melange of creative thoughts, Khaitan Public School, Sahibabad, organizes ‘Kala Parv – The Festival of Life’ where art is celebrated for art’s sake.

The two-day art festival uses the faculties of the head, heart, hand, and health to express itself in all mediums – performance, visual, and culinary. Art in all its myriad forms is celebrated and displayed through a collaboration of talent from Khaitan and other like-minded schools. Kala Parv is a festival of art; a celebration of art. The entire Arts department of the school participates in this celebration. Eminent artists from various walks of life participate in the festival, assisting children in connecting with the various cultures and art forms practiced throughout the country and providing them with an opportunity to use art in some form to express their own feelings.

TEDx Khaitan Public School

A TEDx event is a day filled with brilliant speakers, thought-provoking videos and mind-blowing conversation. KPS seeks to create a unique gathering in the educational community that unleashes new ideas, inspires and informs. TEDx not only enriches the school's cultural landscape, but it also contributes to its academic fabric.

The mega event is held with the goal of sharing new ideas and innovations, as well as encouraging Khaitanians to share their ideas and step up to be Leaders for Life. It is a conclave of students, parents, educators, and administrators where students hone their leadership abilities as well as their organizational and interpersonal skills. TEDx is a great platform to connect with the TED community globally, where ideas are cherished and perspectives are formed through a new lens.

Leadership Camp

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." – John F. Kennedy

To inculcate the qualities of headship among the learners and provide them an opportunity to experience the working of an administrative body, the Student Council has been formed by the students of Khaitan Public School. Through the leadership camp, these student leaders are exposed to various workshops and interactions as well as opportunities to apply their skills effectively. The Student Council is prepared to bring about substantial changes in the school and, eventually, in the country. As Dr APJ Abdul Kalam rightly said, "All birds find shelter during the rain, but eagles avoid the rain by flying above the clouds.” The Leadership Camp of Khaitan Public School plays a significant role in the all-round development of the students, enabling them to fly in pursuit of their dreams.


It is said that change is the only constant. A leader is one who lights the path to the impossible and takes those who follow him, to greater heights. " The Investiture Ceremony is the Student Council Induction Day which is a memorable day for all office bearers. It is , indeed, a proud moment for them to stand tall among their peers. The school entrusts the newly elected leaders with the responsibility of making a difference and yet being humane. The New Council sallies into the realm of responsibility, promises allegiance and pledges to keep the banner of Khaitan Public School flying high with fervour, commitment, great dedication and zeal to make this institution scale new heights.

All the office bearers take an oath to be fully determined, dedicated and disciplined. They demonstrate their willingness to work as a team, to be accountable for their actions, and to be worthy of the trust reposed in them by the school; based on their academic performance, communication skills, responsible attitude, and good behaviour; contesting the election in a healthy competitive spirit, and willingly taking on the mantle of a good leader.


Khaitan Public School, Sahibabad has been shouldering education with pride for the last 22 years. Under the guidance and the vision of our philanthropic founders, Shri G.N.Khaitan and Smt. Draupadi Devi Khaitan we are in the process of what we like to call ‘Nation Building’.

The renowned G N Khaitan Sports Fest, named after Mr. Gajanand Khaitan, the founder of the Khaitan Education Society, aims to promote sports for holistic development and recognises the country's sporting prodigies through inter-school competitions in various athletic and sports events. The competitions manifest the sporting acumen, competitive zeal and team spirit of the students.

The fest begins with a torch relay to keep alive the spirit of sportsmanship, followed by the beautiful performances of the Khaitan Performing Arts Society. Everyone gets enthralled by the Khaitanians' sporting spirit, as they prepare to put on exhilarating shows based on Yoga, Taekwondo, Zumba, Freestyle, and Aerobics for the occasion. The spectators praise the agility, smartness and skill of the Khaitanians. The Sports Fest runs for ten days in a row.


Acknowledgement symbolises the assertion of assiduity and determination of the students and Khaitan Public School presents a platform to recognize its scholastic and co-scholastic achievers. Recognition Day is held at Khaitan Public School to congratulate scholastic rigour and the achievements of students in the fields of sports, music and dance.

Students are felicitated with awards, trophies, certificates, scholar badges and scholar blazers. The ceremony begins with the welcome of our Chief, followed by the mesmerizing performances of the Khaitanians and the auditorium roaring with applause. The students and their parents are addressed and lauded for their success. It is, indeed, a moment of immense pride and gratification for the students, parents and teachers alike.


A collaborative real-world capstone learning experience, the Entrepreneurship Programme at KPS, follows a unique methodology that consists of activities, simulation exercises, discussions, audio/video, real-life experience sharing and role play. Students get to work on their ideas, create business plans and meet entrepreneurs.

The activities of the entrepreneurship programme culminate on the day of Carnival, organized solely by the young entrepreneurs of the School Council. The students independently conceive the ideas, approach vendors and work on finances. The carnival is visited by nearly 5000 individuals who thoroughly enjoy the games, rides and a variety of stalls, ranging from handicrafts to nail art. A live band with numerous fun-filled competitions, like the baby's show and the mom’s ramp walk, truly steals the show. The rich proceeds from the grand carnival are donated for a noble cause, to the NGO, Goonj.

Book Launch

Khaitan Public School is proud to announce the launch of an original book written by our own school children. We, at KPS, would love to have you at the Book Launch, which is a celebration of the creative excellence of our students. It is an event where we celebrate their creativity and imagination through the launch of the book written by our Quill club writers titled: 'In Search of a Perfect Story', written by ten of our students, and ‘The View from Here', written by fifteen of our students, ranging from classes VII to XII. It has been a unique opportunity for our school’s young people, which recognizes their writing abilities along with their fertile imagination. It is a proud moment for the entire fraternity of students, parents and teachers as our first-published student-authors take centre stage.