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Khaitan Internship Program

Flagship Programme at KPS

About Khaitan Internship Program

A programme that aims to provide students with opportunities for experiential learning in a real-world workplace environment to help them become more productive and more confident. More importantly, they will get a feel for the type of work they might enjoy (or not!), and develop work ethics and decision-making skills as they prepare to make future career choices.
“The rise in global competition has prompted organizations to devise strategies to have a talented and innovative workforce to gain a competitive edge.”

As a school, we are providing students opportunities to explore their interests and passions so that they can make an informed decision about their subject choices and future career plans.

Learning Through Internship is a structured, short term and supervised internship programme that will provide students with meaningful experiences & guidance that will foster their career readiness and career pathways for their future.

The thought behind the implementation of Learning Through Internship was ideated in Annual Leadership Meet 2019-20, where the academic leadership team decided to have a robust programme for the students, where they will not only be engaged in Career Planning for themselves, but will also get the skill training based on 21st century needs. During this programme, the school plans to provide an exposure to the students of Class IX and XI. They are engaged to understand ‘What is the most ideal career for them’ through Psychometric Analysis and one to one connect with the Career Counsellor.

They get the exposure to connect with Industry Experts “To understand the real life of a professional in any specific profession”.

The students are engaged with various Associate Partners for real time work experience at the work place. In parallel to this experience, they are getting support from various National and International institutions for “Skill based training, specially on 21st century skills” through Online Certification Programmes.