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Khaitan Radio

An initiative by The Helm- Student Council of KPS

About Khaitan Radio

Khaitan Radio, is an initiative by The Helm- Student Council of KPS, where the students become the RJ'S and host the radio PODSODs. What is a PODSOD? It is a mixture of two words: POD from podcasts and SOD from episodes.
It is an amalgamation of fun segments like challenge of the day, try that tongue twister, inspirational storytelling in Hindi and English, mimicry, playing the instruments, sharing NEWS and Reviews, updates on school events and students’ engagement programs being organised in the school etc. along with informative and education-based segments like word and idiom of the week, that is a fact, solving the brain teasers etc. ...
Moreover, the PODSODs have zestful and energetic music mashups that indeed play a catalytic role in uplifting everyone's mood in the morning giving an entertaining tint.

These PODSODs are telecasted on the school’s YouTube Channel twice a month in the Home Period with the classteacher. With a hardworking and passionate team of 22 members, the students aim to make this initiative a huge success.