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Career Guidance Philosophy

Career Counselling & Guidance Cell : The Guiding Principle

Khaitan Public School (KPS) aims to become a Leading Innovative School in India, bridging the gap between the school education, higher education, and the industry. Career Guidance Cell at KPS continues to engage the students in various informative career-oriented sessions, panel discussions, one on one sessions to enhance the student’s competencies in self-knowledge, educational and occupational exploration & career planning. Students are engaged in a plethora of activities related to skill development through our most popular “Khaitan Internship Programme- Learning through Internship” from the middle school itself. In Senior School, a dedicated team is engaged in periodical activities provided to the students regarding career choices, mapping and aligning them to their passions/interests. It helps the students to fulfil their career goals and serves as a bridge between their college experience and world of work.

Our aim is to ensure that all our pass out students should get admissions/placement in top notch colleges in Indian Universities/Institutions as per their Career Choice (Top 20-25 Universities/Institutions as per MHRD/MoE ranking). We also track the placement of our students in top recognised universities in the world.

What is Career Guidance and why it is important for a child?

Choosing the right career is one of the most crucial decisions of a student’s life. Globalisation along with rapid advances in technology have thrown open a plethora of new career options to the youth. This reality has created the need for Career Guidance to be an integral part of the education system. Most students choose careers based on their scores obtained and not on what they are passionate about.

Career guidance is a continuous process of thinking about the interests, values, skills, and preferences and exploring the learning options available to a child. The process involves getting to know what your child wants with respect to career opportunities and helps to design a career path for the child.

KPS Auditorium

Role of Career Guidance Cell at Khaitan Public School

The school has a robust Career counselling cell which helps to create awareness among students so that they can make informed choices. It serves several functions like:

  • Guiding the students in school to help focus on the right kind of skills, and knowledge that would help them build their profile for admissions in various universities as well as for their careers.
  • Organising one to one session with the students and parents and guiding them to make the best course and career choices and identifying the “best fit” universities for higher education.
  • Providing updated information regarding various subjects, courses & colleges and current career trends.
  • Assessing student aptitudes and interests through psychometric analysis. Also ensuring the result is conveyed to all the stakeholders i.e., the student, parent, and school.
  • Guiding students in applying for Universities within India and overseas and informing them about admission deadlines.
  • Providing support in the admission process through Recommendation Letters and Personal Statements needed for admissions.
  • Organising an interactive and engaging Global Career Fest for the students. The Career Counselling team, along with Representatives of Indian and Foreign universities interact with the students by providing them a glimpse about the various courses, campus life,  process of admission, scholarships, internships, etc.

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