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Student Work

An exposure to the creative experience through critical thinking 

About Student Work

Visual art education is not merely a subject to make some decorative objects or a hobby activity. It is an exceptionally important medium to nurture the socio-emotional and intellectual being or in one word the artistic being of a student. Due to the integrated nature of the curriculum, in art class students explore, apply, assess, and learn many concepts of almost all subject disciplines in a joyful manner.
The visual arts program of KPS offers scope for
  • Introspection, self-expression, critical thinking, and catharsis
  • experience and appreciation of beauty
  • freedom of thought and opinion
  • mental and spiritual growth through reflections and metacognition
  • experimentation with diverse materials
  • recreation and productive work done in the spirit of playing
  • the training of the power of observation
  • sensory skills development