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Fostering Leadership Skills

and Teamwork

Sports Zone


The involvement in sports helps a child develop physical skills, get required exercise, learn and excel in teamwork, play fair, and develop better self-esteem. As the top school in Ghaziabad, KPS provides students with a large number of sports options to choose from. Explore!


A CRICKET ground, three practice nets and a bowling machine gives the students excellent exposure to the sport. 


Two fields, of 2800 square meters each, make FOOTBALL engaging and exciting.                                            


Two 36m*18m SKATING rinks for beginners and amateurs are complimented by accomplished trainers.


Two synthetic courts for BADMINTON are perfectly suited for recreation as well as training. 

Lawn Tennis

Three TENNIS courts of size 23.77m*10.973m, 2 synthetic and 1 clay, are excellent for budding players.

Basket Ball

Two synthetic & one concrete courts for BASKETBALL are perfectly suited for professional level players.


A half-Olympic-sized SWIMMING pool is the place for Khaitanians to cool off an train at.


Many students are trained professionally at the 10 meter SHOOTING range at the KPS Sports Complex.


KPS has a 37O m track at the sports complex, which is perfect for ATHLETICS.


A 30.5m*15.25m court for NETBALL is another facility rare to find in most schools.


TAEKWONDO is an aspect of self-defense that is taught to students of all classes.

Table Tennis

Five TABLE TENNIS tables populate the sports basement on the campus for TT enthusiasts.


GYMNASTICS are a treat for athletic and energetic kids in the in-house gymnasium.


CARROM is an exciting indoor recreational games played with great enthusiasm by all students.


CHESS is an exciting indoor recreational games played with great enthusiasm by all students.


The healing science of YOGA is practised in the dedicated room in the sports basement. 

After School – Sports Academy

We are back with the KPS After-school Sports Academy with varied choices in sports for students to explore and hone.


BILLIARDS is played with great enthusiasm in the sports basement.