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Sports @KPS

Involvement in sports helps to develop better self-esteem

About Sports at KPS

At Khaitan Public School, our Physical Education and Sports Program provides age appropriate and best practices that ensure students experience and learn in a safe and supportive environment, which is unique and vital to a student’s holistic development and well-being.
Our PE Vision is to provide an inclusive and holistic Physical Education program with key focus on fitness, health, and wellness. We aim to provide equal opportunities to all students to learn, enjoy and play so they become physically active, resilient lifelong learners and responsible global citizens. ...

KPS PE Program Overview
We offer students a varied experience of multiple sports and physical activities.
At the pre-primary and primary level, our focus is to develop the fundamental gross and fine motor skills, locomotor movements, and encourage cooperation through physical activities.
At the middle and high school level, we refine and develop their skills, introduce them to techniques and tactics, and encourage competitive sports.
The PE program derives its standards from the Society for Health And Physical Exercise (SHAPE) America and Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). We emphasize the development of foundational skills, conceptual knowledge, and an understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Within every unit, emphasis is placed on building collaborative skills to support students’ interactions and flexibility with working in a variety of peer groups. Throughout the year, PE continues to improve individual overall fitness and foster the appreciation for fitness activities.
As the top school in Ghaziabad, KPS provides students with a large number of sports options to choose from. We welcome you to join KPS and derive the immense benefits from its well structured PE and Sports program.