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What top schools in Ghaziabad think about National Education Policy 2020?

The New Education Policy was announced after 34 years aims at universalization of education in Indian with a 100% gross enrolment ratio. The policy talks about some major transformational reforms in our academic sector which are being applauded by many. All the best schools in Ghaziabad are praising this initiative by the Government. The major take away from the policy is that it promises to make education fun for children and not a burden anymore.

What are the major positive changes that NEP 2020 will bring?

A country cannot prosper if its children are not educated and keeping this mantra in mind, the government is planning to made education available to everyone from pre-school to the secondary school level. Their goal is to bring more than two crore school students back to educational institutions. The Education Ministry is going to set up a single regulatory body to oversee the state of education in the county and all schools in Ghaziabad are happy about it because it means the better and more transparent implementation of rules.

Instead of focusing on the grades of students, importance would be given to their holistic upgrading so that they can become better and responsible citizens. Examinations will be conducted for classes 3, 5, and 8 and other classes would be accessed by school authorities only. It gives them a better opportunity and more time to focus on a child’s overall development. A lot of precious time is spent conducting and evaluating the exams and with this new rule, schools would have the benefit of devoting this time to more fruitful activities. NEP 2020 is also focusing on digital learning so that majority of kids have access to education even when they physically cannot attend school.

How will the Students be benefitted from this change?

While the above-mentioned changes cover the broader benefits of the policy, here are some of the more direct benefits that students can experience after the changes are implemented:

  • The policy promises to encourage practical learning among students instead of just pushing them towards book-based learning. This will make education more interesting for all students
  • It would help instill a scientific temper among students from a young age
  • NEP 2020 aims at bringing the quality of education in our country at par with the global standards
  • It will promote a value-based and responsible education system


What do top schools think about these changes?

The successful implementation of the policy depends upon the effective collaboration between the state and the central government which means there would be better harmony across all states benefitting all kinds of educational institutions. The policy would help better the quality of education by bringing up-to-date technological changes in schooling at every level providing students a chance to explore their talent. Schools would also have an option to continue with digital learning practices that helps diversify their teaching methods making them more accessible. Inclusion of local and regional languages in the curriculum is also a great step in ensuring that the students remain close to their roots and proud of their culture.

Every member of the KPS community is eager to see the positive changes that the NEP would bring into every Indian citizen’s life.