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How Schools in Ghaziabad Improving Numeracy Skills?

Do you know the children start learning numeracy skills from the time they’re born? Have you seen them responding to shapes of objects such as phone, watch, or toys? Have you observed when they decide how many slides of bread or candies they want? And we all love seeing them counting their fingers and toes so innocently, right?

As children grow up, they start learning numeracy and maths skills more. For example, they start comparing a big toy with a small or medium one, or when they start grouping things and filling the water bottles and dividing food into equal parts. You can also see them exercising numeracy skills when they help you shop or setting a table with the right number of plates, forks, and spoons when guests arrive.


So, What Do You Mean By Numeracy Skills?

The numeracy skills refer to the ability of a person to perform simple or difficult mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with the help of mathematical concepts. Most importantly, such everyday activities help students to build numeracy and maths skills through play.

KPS is one of the best CBSE schools in Sahibabad ghaziabad, which promotes numeracy and maths skills and helps students perform everyday tasks with ease such as how much time I have to walk to school or how many wins would my team require to top the exams. They start understanding the patterns of what number would be the next house in the given street and so on.  All these experiences and observations provide learning opportunities to children and help them developing numeracy skills.

If your child fears mathematics, learning numeracy skills at an early age can help significantly. At KPS, we help students learn simple to advanced mathematical and numeracy skills through everyday activities such as play and reading. This also helps your child develop imagination and communication skills too.


Simple Activities That Can Help Children Learn Numeracy Skills

Here are some activities that can help children learn numeracy skills:

  • Singing songs with rhyming or repeating numbers to help them understand patterns.
  • Playing simple board games such as puzzles with shapes and numbers and matching pairs.
  • Playing or singing music at different speed variations where children can dance or jump to slow or fast songs.
  • Helping children to arrange their toys in a specific order from shortest to tallest.
  • Use racing toys or tracks to talk about who came first, second or third.


How Can Parents Help Children Develop Numeracy Skills?

As a parent, you can also help your child develop numeracy skills from a budding age such as when you ask them to find matching socks or locate the bird sitting on the tallest tree or set 9 PM as time for bed.

You can involve your child in cooking to help you stir, pour, mix and fill. This will help your child get familiar with few more mathematical concepts such as measuring, counting, adding and estimating the ingredients.

So, these are just a few of the techniques that we follow and recommend at KPS. We have a strong belief that children learn better when are interested in something. So, if a child is particularly in love with dolls, cars, buildings, insects, etc, this can help them explore related concepts while they play.