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How KPS is Gearing up for the New Session?

After CBSE’s suggestion to schools to commence the new academic session from April 1 onwards, many schools including KPS are gearing up to meet the suggested guidelines and follow all safety norms for the welfare of students and academic staff. So here are few questions students and parents must be dealing with right now:

  • How are we going to keep students safe?
  • How will we maintain social distancing in classrooms?
  • How can we still ensure students continue to excel in their studies and feel safe?

First of all, at KPS, we are committed to maintain the educational quality that has helped us to be the best CBSE school in Ghaziabad. During lockdown, we had strategized ways to create a new, balanced and safe educational roadmap for children. However, the insecurities parents or students are dealing with before schools re-open, still require some insight from the school authorities. And here is how we are gearing up for the new session:

  • Following Safety Precautions

KPS is Gearing upWe have worked upon post lock-down safety precautions that includes guidelines for personal hygiene, social distancing, cleaning and sanitation. We are cleaning our premises with sodium hydrochloride solution and fogging is regularly done in library, classrooms and washrooms. For practical sessions, we have already served guidelines related to maximum capacity per session. Our school entrance has hand sanitizer dispensers and thermal screening provisions. We are opening multiple gates for entry and exit to avoid crowd. At the same time, classrooms will have a distance of six feet between each occupant along with regular sanitization. 

  • Going slowly Initially

KPS is Gearing upChildren have spent a good amount of time in the home-comfort zone and that simply means they may behave differently while leaving for school. Being distracted and disoriented is expected. They might feel moody and unsafe, which is natural. The idea is to go slow and let them get used to the erstwhile pattern a little slowly. As their guardians, we need to give them time to settle down and feel safe. The times are tough but we have our students’ emotional and physical well-being as the first priority at KPS.


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  • Parents are advised to talk to their wards before they re-join the school

Students are probably more inclined for online classes now than ever. Add to this the confusion and trauma of surviving or in being in the middle of a pandemic. Young children need their parents’ support as they hardly open up with peers at this stage. Parents can have a whole-hearted discussion with children before they send their wards to schools. For example, you can ask them if they are worried about anything, or do they miss going to school and meeting their old friends? You can even ask them whether they have questions about the new pattern- including health, hygiene or offline classes. Let us all hear them out- that’s our job as educationists and your job as a parent! We all want to see them grow and be confident.


If you still have some questions that need further discussion or support from our end, we are around! Do reach out to us. We are here to make our children’s educational journey beautiful and safe!