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Explore Your Child Sports Interest At Best Schools in Ghaziabad

Getting a school with best curriculum design and sports facilities is tough. While right education techniques help your child develop interest in studies and maintain focus on their future, sports help them mental and physical fitness. With admission season round the corner, it makes sense to find not just good, but the best school in Ghaziabad that can offer you multiple options to choose from.


Why Sports Is So Important?

Explore Your Child Sports Interest

Being physically active has numerous benefits for the body. Some of these are increased cardiovascular health, reduced risk of obesity, better motor skills, enhanced skills, improved skills, and mental agility. Other than health benefits, playing sports means that you subconsciously indulge in teamwork, skills enhancement, sharing, resilience, goal setting, relationship building and so on. Children learn time management and discipline and emerge as confident individuals.


How A Good School Can Help?

The initial formative years before formal schooling play a crucial role in a child’ life. Regular motivation, direction and reward for every significant step they take helps them build interest and achieve the desired pace. A school that offers multiple sports options such as Cricket, Football, Skating, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Basket Ball, Swimming, Shooting, Netball, Gymnastics, Chess, and Yoga will definitely be the best decision you will take.


What KPS Offers?

Khaitan Public School boasts of a robust, state-of-the-art Sports campus where you can choose from 17 sports activities. Children not only learn; they excel with the help of effective coaching and guidance at every stage. KPS the best international school in ghaziabad has a consistent commitment to offer in terms of professional training since an early age.  We have flexible training programs designed by national and international coaches, who also pay a visit to our facility to supervise the progress of our students. Here is sneak peak view of some of our sports facilities:

  • Cricket – We have three practice nets and a bowling machine to give students an excellent exposure to sports along with customized coaching.
  • Football – At KPS, we have two football fields- of 2800 square meters each
  • Skating – Two skating rinks for beginners and amateurs along with professional guidance by our trainers
  • Badminton – At KPS, we have Two synthetic badminton courts for budding and skilled players.
  • Swimming – We have a half-Olympic sized swimming pool, which is rare to find in most of the schools.
  • Athletics – KPS has a 37O m track at the sports complex, which is perfect for ATHLETICS.


Not just these, at KPS, we have reputed coaches and customized training available for various other sprots too such as Netball, Shooting, Taekwando, Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess and Yoga.

To get more detailed view of our sports facilities and learn how we can help you enhance your child’s interest in it, do visit our Sports page.