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Importance of Literacy and Numeracy

Until recently, literacy was considered as a skill to read and write when children were ‘prepared’ to learn.  However, the term ‘literacy’ gradually emerged as the ability or a skill associated in the early years when young babies hear sounds, respond to adults, and watch stories on TV or other devices.  In fact, listening to sounds, music, drawing marks on a surface, and listening to music is also associated with literacy skills. Numeracy, on the other hand, refers to ability to perform simple or difficult mathematical operations using numbers such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


Can Literacy and Numeracy Be Developed at an Early Age?

Khaitan Public School

The good news is that these key skills can be developed during early childhood using engaging tactics such as singing number rhymes, fitting boxes into one another as per their size and measurement. So, now let’s address the pertinent question: why literacy and numeracy are important in early childhood.


Here Are Some Facts to Support the Claim!

Do you know children who don’t read, write or learn to communicate at an early age tend to leave school early? Not just this, they have poor emotional and physical health and end up in low-skilled jobs. Other than that, difficulty or delay in literacy results in social consequences such as drug or alcohol abuse and puts the societal development in reverse gear. Therefore, all these factors stress upon the need for developing such skills at an early age if we are looking for a better society with responsible citizens.


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How KPS Helps You Develop Literacy and Numeracy Skills as the Best School in Ghaziabad?

At KPS, we use innovative and engaging ways to catch children’s attention and direct it to the right place. Our experienced teachers follow the approach of inculcating these skills in a fun way. The children get to learn better when they are not ‘forced’ to learn. We ensure that they love the learning experience and they are taught in a way that their personality, logical and psychological ability is also developed. We also ensure that the information gets stored as a memory or as an engaging story and the recall is quick and seamless.

At KPS, we adopt efficient and engaging ways to impart simple mathematics skills such as counting, matching, finding patterns, and sorting so they start seeing a logical pattern in everything they learn.

This all becomes possible only when we introduce basic literacy and numeracy skills in our children from an early age and that’s what KPS takes pride in as a reliable and experienced school in Ghaziabad.