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Habits to Sustain after Lockdown

In the midst of the global pandemic, we might not be writing the next bestseller or mastering a new instrument but every dark cloud has its silver lining. Even though all industries have face a setback, the schools new techniques to continue seamless teaching and learning, and Khaitan Public School continues to strive towards making its place among the top schools in Ghaziabad.

It took a global pandemic for us to understand the significance of hygiene and social distancing. ‘Namaste’, a practice in India from time immemorial has gained international significance today. We should continue to greet each other from a distance in the coming times.

During the lockdown, we got time to rejuvenate our souls and notice the small things that we pass on daily, spotting how the same plants behave differently in different gardens and observing the wildlife beneath our feet are great sources of fascination. Also, reading before bed instead of staring at a screen is a habit adopted by many people and is worth sustaining after the lockdown.

Meditation and Yoga are practices that we had been procrastinating for years before we were finally impelled to do them during the lockdown. It’s finally the time to honor our body and not forget this new good habit that we have attained.

Many of us understood the importance of our family in the middle of these hard times. Now, that we’ve spent so much time with our loved ones, we begin to realize that our family members love us a little more, understand us a little more than we had thought.

Above all, these times have taught us to be grateful for all that we have. According to me, this trait of being grateful is one of the most essential habits that is definitely worth practicing for a lifetime.

It is no surprise that the lockdown will surely end and we all will be back to our daily routines. But if we forged some new good habits while staying at home, we should consider making those part of our normal routine.