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Effective Public Speaking that Makes a Top-Ranked School

“Only the prepared speaker deserves to be confident.” – Dale Carnegie

Hope you are safe in the lockdown time. Learn and go-up during the lock-down. Invest your time in reading more and more and listening to some cool music, it helps in releasing different brain chemicals to relax or motivate you. If you love content reading on the internet, don’t search SEO material on page 1 of google. Search for those treasures, it is in the middle or at the end, try that out.

Online schooling, digital communication and work from home are 3 new sectors opened during the lockdown apart from many other opportunities. It is amazing to see how adaptive we all are and how impactful nature is on human beings.

Digital communication is deeply connected to public speaking. Numerous webinars, trainings, panel discussions are happening especially in educational institutions like the  top schools in Ghaziabad to promote education in the right direction around the world.Many of us have learned the idea of digitally investing our time and learn still many have camera phobia also termed as ‘scopophobia’.

If you are a student or seeking admission in Ghaziabad schools and a long lasting career ahead is waiting for you, public speaking skills are a must have in your arsenal. Public Speaking helps you gain your self-confidence, personal success and professional growth.

Let me share an idea to learn public speaking skills on how you can become an effective speaker absolutely free. Excited? Keep reading (:

Start online free zoom meetings till lockdown. Connect and speak. It is free.

Create your own circle of aspiring speakers and meet regularly online, give yourself topics and share feedback on each one’s speeches. Try breakout rooms option on Zoom application to have fun and learn more.

Speaking physically has its own benefits though. I spoke on TEDx and Josh Talks a few times, it has been an amazing experience.

How to learn public speaking and master it. This is a common question and a much needed skill. I have written my latest book on public speaking titled “How to become a master of speeches and talks”, it also became Amazon no.1 best seller.

If you are fanatic about learning public speaking skills, you must explore these options. I bet you will improve your public speaking skills exponentially.

Toastmasters International: They have clubs in your vicinity, check it out. I feel it is the best way for a beginner to learn and hone speaking skills.

Theatre:If you love mimicking actors or you are fond of showing your talent or had this fantasy of becoming a professional actor, this skill can help you big time in your speaking.

In fact, theatre is a great way to learn the art of public speaking. One of my dear friends, Major Mohommed Ali Shah, is a great example. Being into theatre for some time and actor in some hit movies, he is now working as a successful motivational speaker with one of the highest TEDx talk giver in the country. Remember background matters. If you are a theatre artist reading the stuff here, I just shared a pro tip for you.

MS Talks India: We as an organization are creating an ecosystem to promote presentation literacy and public speaking in India. I couldn’t find any such platform so I created one in 2017. We do international events, public speaking workshops, seminars across pan India. I believe in giving opportunity to a common man – age no bar. Join MS Talks and become a public speaker. I also head a tribe of more than 50,000 public speakers, trainers and coaches on a Facebook group named as ‘Public Speaking University’ and working on a mission to create 1 million public speakers in India by 2030.

Find a Mentor: Achrekar used to make Sachin Tendulkar ride with him on his scooter and take him to matches to give the young boy plenty of exposure to cricket. And the coachAchrekar always placed a one- rupee coin on the stumps while coaching Tendulkar. If he was able to bat through the entire session without being dismissed, he would give Tendulkar the coin. Even today, Sachin has 13 of those precious coins saved.

Virat Kohli never forgets to drop a wish or make a call to Sharma on Teacher’s Day but 2014 was different. His brother’s arrival at his house so early in the day was cause for concern. Vikas stepped into the house, dialed a number, and handed his cell phone to Raj Kumar and Virat says Sir – I can’t give you back what you have given me in life but a small gift outside is waiting for you and it was a brand new Skoda car.

I am emphasizing the importance of mentor here even if you are at the pinnacle. Never underestimate that.

 As I always say, I am no public speaking expert, I am an expert public speaking student.

 Keep learning and keep moving forward.

Stay safe and Live your dreams.


Happy Speaking!!

Do your best,

Author Sherry.

Public Speaking Coach &TEDx Speakers Coach

Professional Speaker, Trainer, International Best Selling Author – Amazon,

3 times TEDx Speaker||3 times Josh Talks Speaker ||Family of 3 generations of Authors

Founder, President MS Talks India