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Social-Emotional Learning In The Classrooms

When we have students coming from varied, diverse multicultural and multilingual backgrounds, institutions need to gear up with different teaching and motivation strategies to boost effective learning, positive behavior, and academic performance among them. Social and emotional learning or SEL offers a strong means to inculcate positive learning and enhance their skills. Here we will discuss why it is gaining popularity among students, parents and institutions too.


Social And Emotional Learning (SEL)- A learning backed up by research

Various studies indicate that SEL not boosts social behaviour such as kindness, sharing and empathy, but also improves students’ achievement by an average of 11 percent. In fact, students demonstrated better attitudes toward studies and less incidents of stress and depression when SEL was introduced. So, here are the skills SEL is believed to enhance if students attend an institution offering socio-emotional learning:

  1. Self-Awareness-

SEL helps students to understand their own emotions and values and develop a positive mindset. It helps them know their strengths and weaknesses and understand their own thought patterns while taking a decision.

  1. Self- Management

Students learn to manage their time and energy better using acquired skills and attitudes. They also learn to control their stress level, impulsive behavior, and encounter challenges positively to achieve their personal and educational objectives.

  1. Social Awareness

Students become more socially aware and learn to understand and empathize with those coming from different backgrounds or cultures.

  1. Relationship Skills

Socio-emotional learning helps students develop their relationship skills and maintain healthy and gratifying relationships. They communicate better and listen actively. They also learn to cooperate, negotiate conflict constructively and seek help when needed.

  1. Responsible Decision Making

Social-emotional learning helps students to make better, more responsible decisions in life while considering moral values, safety, and associated risks.


How A School Can Help Students Develop Better Social Emotional Skills?

With numerous benefits like that, here’s how best schools in Ghaziabad are implementing SEL:

  • Setting clear goals for your institution, including desired behaviour
  • Designing a schoolwide infrastructure that can help you achieve your SEL including goals, and also formulate ways to assess it
  • Syncing SEL programs with the goals of your school
  • Educating and training the staff to teach SEL using effective learning programs
  • Finding ways using which students can practice SEL skills in school and surrounding areas
  • Creating a checklist and gauge students’ performance using regular assessment programs
  • Inviting other educators who have expertise in SEL implementation

Taking all these initiatives can help an educational institute be more effective and efficient. In addition, SEL principles can help the students to remain positive in stressful situation and perform better at academic or sports front. SEL helps students develop resilience when they are faced with adversity or challenges. They have improved behavior, better communication skills, and become better leaders. They develop deeper, more meaningful relationships, learn to manage their feelings, cultivate friendship and learn to work in a group.

At Khaitan Public School, we have successfully integrated SEL principles with our existing learning methodology. Not only it has helped us creating better routines for our students, but also develop their personal and professional skills. Enrol your child today!