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List Of Best Schools In Ghaziabad For Online Learning

Online learning has become the new normal amidst the pandemic! The efficiency of an educational institute now lies in how well they can transform this challenge into an opportunity for the benefit of their students. With admission times just around the corner, parents are finding it a little difficult to choose a school that can make learning fun and engaging for their wards. Let’s explore some of the best schools in Ghaziabad, which have embraced this challenge well.


List Of Best Schools In Ghaziabad For Online Learning


    1. Schiller’s StarSchiller’s Star

Situated in an idyllic location in Rajnagar, the school offers an engaging environment to unleash the imagination of its students. The teachers have found engaging and innovative ways to teach difficult concepts and assess the knowledge in equally interesting ways. The focus of the school is always on the social and emotional learning of their students. The children explore the concepts- not just get introduced to them. The school strongly believes in and promotes the physical and psychological growth of its students!

  1. Khaitan Public School

Khaitan Public School, since its inception, has remained committed to foster knowledge, skills, and values in its students. They have made the best use of the modern education system to encourage the young brains to learn more and do that in a better ecosystem. The school ensures children learn through playful activities. They follow an experiential learning pattern, which benefits everyone. It is one of the best CBSE schools in Ghaziabad, which has embraced the challenge of online learning quite well. They have found innovative and playful ways to teach their students, keep them engaged and develop a deep understanding of the subjects taught to them. From time to time, the teachers and faculties are being educated for better ways to engage their students, understand their issues and devise a schedule that helps them remain focused and make the most out of their studies. KPS places a huge thrust on literacy and numeracy, health and hygiene, and the psychological and physical strength of its students. KPS is certainly a good choice if you are looking for a school where a child’s overall development is your goal.


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  1. GurukulGurukul

Gurukul is another good school in Ghaziabad, with an aim to nurture children’s creative minds and enrich their curiosity. The school believes in preparing its students to be the world’s most valuable resources. They aim at developing creative and deep thinking in their students by satiating their curiosity. The school has received several awards and recognition for its best infrastructure and facilities. Gurukul is also known as a school with an international outlook that focuses on Global Trends and Traditional Indian Values while empowering students to become world citizens.


  1. Bal Bharati Public School4. Bal Bharati Public School

Spread across an area of 5.25 acres, Bal Bharati Public School in Brij Vihar boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure and beautiful interiors. The school aims at providing its students a congenial learning environment while offering a great culmination of modern ideas and traditions and customs of the rich cultural heritage of the country. It is another great school situated in Ghaziabad that is committed to providing quality education to its students- online or offline.


Any sort of change is challenging! However, here we have provided you with a list of schools that are still able to maintain a strong focus on value education.


If you want to enroll your child in a good school, get in touch with us today for all your queries!