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Virtual Learning and how quickly Schools in Ghaziabad are grabbing it?

The year 2020 has been difficult for all of us. Amidst the global health crisis, we are all forced to do things that we weren’t ready to do yet. One among them is virtual teaching and learning. This experience has been challenging yet fruitful for both teachers and students.

Virtual Learning and its Benefits

Having to do everything online and adjusting with the virtual world has not been easy but it does have its benefits. It helps you become more punctual since you don’t have to travel or get stuck in long traffic jams. It saves time so you can devote it to other productive things and more importantly it gives you a chance to stay connected with each other.

How are schools adjusting with it?

The shift from classroom sessions to online lectures has been overwhelming for teaching staff as well but the best schools in Ghaziabad got accustomed to this change pretty quick. Schools like Khaitan Public School have provided the necessary equipment and resources to their teachers so they can comfortably adjust to the change and continue teaching their students in the best possible manner.

Teachers have devoted their energy, strength and dedication to each class they teach and hasn’t let the hardships slowed them down. No change is easy but with consistency and will power, we can overcome anything. Constant feedback, willingness to change and supporting each other have been some of the pillars on which the building of virtual learning is standing tall.