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How teachers at schools in Ghaziabad are coping up with online classes?

Nobody knew that we would all shift to the online world so soon. In fact, no one had never thought it would be so sudden. While online teaching has its own benefits, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that teachers and students are having hard time adjusting to this change. From running between classes and having parent teachers meeting to our dependency on the computers, everything has shifted to the online model. Students are attending classes online, teachers are learning their way around technology and top schools in Ghaziabad are trying their best to make teachers and students comfortable without compromising on the quality of education.

Opportunity for teachers to diversify

Online classes are in a way an opportunity for teachers and students to diversify. The most amazing benefit of online teaching is its super flexibility on time and delivery. Video conferences have made it possible for teachers and students to stay connected and there is software in place to mark attendance and grade students based on their performance. Yes, it was hard in the beginning to adjust with the change but now teachers are in the driver’s seat and delivering online lectures without any hesitation.

How are teachers coping?

As mentioned earlier, the change hasn’t been easy on anyone. But schools like Khaitan Public School managed to keep the teaching part going without affecting student’s future. They equipped their teachers with the necessary tools so they can continue to impart knowledge and help students stay connected to their curriculum.

In conclusion, a lot of teachers feel that online classes have allowed students to become more responsible and take ownership of their learning.