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virtual learning programme

Our vision

A learning community where each is free to be and grow towards the realisation of their highest human potential through harmonious integration of spirit, heart, mind and body. As the top 10 schools in Ghaziabad, we aim to deliver an equal opportunity to every student and develop relationships, ensure relevance, and create rigour.

Our Core Guiding Principles

Develop Relationships

Care For Students 


Weekly calls with


Support for


Check-ins before
every class

Collaboration with

Ensuring Relevance

Building a sense

Building a sense of


Using current context to create

Virtual Program

Enabling Virtual
Platforms for Differential Learning

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Ensuring productive learning
and providing feedback

Creating Rigour

Aiming for learning efficacy similar to physical classrooms
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Ensuring efficient use
of screen time


Maintaining work habits
and routines


Creating a mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences

Modes of Learning

There are two kinds of online learning and teaching that we need to balance based on our circumstances


Learning happens collaboratively and at the same time with a group of online learners and the teacher. Synchronous learning enables learners to ask questions and receive answers straight away. Learners can also collaborate freely with other learners through webinars, posts, video conferencing and virtual classrooms.


Learning happens at any time, not necessarily in a group, but with teacher feedback. It is learner-centered, enabling learners to complete courses without the constraints of having to be in a certain place at a certain time. Learners can use various modes of communication such as email, pre-recorded video lessons and webinars.