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Grades Have a Huge Impact, But Are They Effective?

With admissions into esteemed institutions and colleges largely dependent upon grades, it’s natural for parents and children to give a huge weightage to the grading system. While the grading system looks scary to some students, others find them rewarding and a source of joy!

In this article, we will explore whether the impact of grades are really effective or should we think beyond them. Read on:


The Impact of Grades in Students’ Lives

Grades allow teachers to bring the best out of their students and motivate them to score higher through consistent efforts and hard work. Teachers use grades to encourage students to complete their homework, submit their assignments, and be consistent with their academic performance. Unfortunately, grades bring a lot of frustration and pain too at times. Many a times students fail to score good grades. It is a common belief that such children may not be able to achieve the similar level of success as others. On the other hand, if a child is known for scoring good grades from the playschool to higher classes, he or she is under consistent pressure to perform. If they fail to deliver even for once, they might dive into depression or may even resort to unpleasant ways to deal with the issue without even talking to their elders.


A Myth Related To Grades

There is another myth related to the grading system. It is believed that if a student is getting poor grades, this might motivate them to perform better next time. There is no study which could prove this. On the other hand, research indicates that students scoring low grades such as F are probably the least motivated students and they would know nothing. Most of the times, such children continue to evolve as individuals who start believing people giving such notions about them, and they end up having a pathetic career ahead.


Is Grading Important For Students?

At Khaitan Public school- the top CBSE School in Ghaziabad, we want to highlight a different learning style for students. Grading is important but what is more important is the level of understanding students have of the subject. Remember, learning is not a race to excel. It not remembering things through rote learning. We approach the learning differently- by providing a complete understanding of the subject by experiencing the concept in real life. Our focus is always on the understanding developed by the student and never on the speed and time the process takes. That makes us the best school in Ghaziabad with amazing teaching standards.  So, we believe the grading should reflect a student’s level of comprehension of the subject and not the complete subject itself.


How Students Can Learn And Score Better?

The effective learning starts with efficient removal of obstacles! At KPS, we ensure that students learn how to manage their time well so that they get to learn the taught concept better- through note taking, practice, real-time assignments, and feedback. Rather than highlighting their grades, we pay attention to the areas that they did not perform well and then present them with required understanding through focused sessions. If such learning sessions happen regularly, the students are bound to perform and score better. Simple!

Secondly, at KPS, we provide them with regular coaching sessions to develop professional and personal excellence. We prepare them as great individuals who are ready to embrace the world with their unique thinking patterns. They all are performers and are unique. Various studies indicate students can perform better if a grading system is not functional and thus it should not be the only criteria to rate their learning efficiency. If students are encouraged to perform better without exercising any peer pressure or exam pressure, they can do wonders. Every student is unique and thus cannot score good grades in all they do – including extra-courses or extra-curricular activities.

As a student, you should remember that you should not study to score, but you should study to understand. The impact of grades do not define your level of intelligence or character- your ability to indulge in a topic with a focused mind does that.

If you want to know how KPS can help your child score using a different learning approach, get in touch with us today!

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