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Benefits of Speech To Text Technology In All Classrooms

Speech recognition, which is also known as voice recognition or speech to text technology that allows you to recognize speech where voice serves as the “main interface between the human and the computer.” Though this speech to text technology in classroom has numerous benefits for physically disabled students, who need to be taught differently, over the years, it has become popular with the teachers and students owing to several benefits associated with it. As Microsoft and Apple both come with inbuilt speech recognition technology into their operating systems, it is easier for students to use these features while using speech-to-text software. In this article, you will explore various hard to ignore facts about these benefits. Read on.


Difference Between Speech Recognition And Speech-To-Text

If you are trying to identify speech recognition tools for your child or students, you can use terms such as “speech-to-text,” or “speech recognition,” or “voice recognition”. Though there are multiple such terms, they all refer to a technology that can convert spoken text or commands into actions (such as open Microsoft Excel, open calculator).


Use Of Speech Recognition Technology In Day-To-Day Life

Speech recognition technology has several applications for users with and without disabilities. Consider an example. A writer can use speech-to-text to boost writing production, while a traveler can use it for communicating with a native to understand directions, food or just converse. Then, there are voice-activated products for the visually challenged that make learning and adaptation easier. A Few more examples include voice-activated dialing, integrated voice commands, and automated phone menus. This technology is especially useful for medical and law professionals for dictating notes and navigation systems and playing games too where players can give voice commands to their troops.


Some More Benefits Of Speech To Text Technology Are:

  1. Enhanced access

Speech to text technology in classroom is beneficial for students with motor skill restrictions, physical disabilities, and low vision or visual disability, who face issues with reading, writing, and interpreting at the same time. This technology allows them hands-free computing by eliminating physical barriers to writing and navigation.

  1. Increased writing production

Speech to text technology is a boon for writers and people with learning disabilities as it can enable them to deliver more thoughtful and meaningful content.

  1. Effective writing mechanics

If used in conjunction with word processors, speech recognition technology can help minimize difficulties related to writing mechanics. This is because students can write more quickly with the help of speech recognition tools. The technology also minimizes potential obstacles related to handwriting. It may be possible to skip over words when you are not sure of correct spelling, which results in shorter text. However, with Speech-to-text technology available, you can go through them again and find the missing link/s.

  1. Reduced anxiety

Other than allowing students to work more independently, speech recognition technology also enables them to write without worrying about spellings and thus helps them reduce anxieties related to organization, mechanics, and editing. If you are learning English as a second language, speech recognition software allows you to practice it in a safe and less stressful environment.

  1. Enhanced reading and writing abilities

Various studies indicate that speech recognition tools can also act as a curative way for students with challenges related to reading or writing. When students are able to see the words on the screen while being dictated, it is easier to gain insight into crucial elements related to phonemic awareness. They are immediately able to understand the relationship between how a word looks and is pronounced. Therefore, speech-to-text tools are effective in remediating deficits related to reading and spelling.

  1. Increased attention and more focused learning

Lastly, there is another significant benefit of using speech recognition technology. It means a continual error correction process as it requires users to check the accuracy of each word while the speech is being dictated. For example, if there is an error in word recognition, the student must attempt to find the correct word from the list of similar words and select one to replace the wrong one. Therefore, it allows the users to examine the words carefully, compare words that look or sound similar, and identify the best word for the given scenario.

With so many benefits attached for speech to text technology, Khaitan Public School – one of the top 10 CBSE schools in Ghaziabad, has formulated various ways to enhance the learning experience and make learning fun. Just get in touch with us today to know more about it.