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The Importance of School-Parent Connect for Digital Learning

The educational fraternity has risen to the occasion in the face of the challenges posed by the global pandemic. Each institution is doing its bit to use technology and human connect to continue to serve its stakeholders.

While digital technologies enable people to work and learn from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, this huge task of seeking to meet particular learning objectives while going online ultimately falls to the people — the educators and students — who are behind the screens. Human connections and meaningful interactions are an essential part of the learning process, especially online.

Technology has played a great part in enabling us to take education online. However, no endeavor is truly accomplished unless there are interpersonal understanding and cooperation.

Educators would not be able to interact with their learners in real-time for long. The guidance they receive from their parents must be used as a channel to keep them steady on their path to growth.

Following are the methods by which we, at KPS, have been successful in building a strong bond between the parents and the school:

1. KPS Digital Learning Orientation: We conducted an online class orientation with parents to introduce them to the digital learning platforms which are being used for instruction and evaluation.

2. KPS Ambassadors: The parents enthusiastically collaborated with their children to create interesting home project assignments at the elementary school level.

3. Support@KPS: is a dedicated email ID for parents to connect with the school and voice their concerns.

4. Feedback: As a corollary to our efforts, we encourage parents to share their feedback about their digital learning experience in forms of videos.

5. KPS Connect – After two weeks of digital learning, the class teachers connected with all the parents of the class in small groups of 4-6 to understand and address the challenges faced by them and their children.

6. KPS Extended Family – We seek to identify 20 parents who empathize with the school and understand its intentions and challenges. This is a group that we would rely on to spread positivity in the parent fraternity.

7. Coffee with KPS – A connect with parents has been scheduled before the school breaks for the summer. The purpose of this meeting is to address administrative challenges and share the way forward in terms of the revised academic calendar and the assessment plan for the year 2020-21.

8. Constant Human Connect: Regular communication to the parents, in the form of circulars, letters from the management and social media posts, is given prime importance in order to ensure that there is a constant connect.

With all these efforts, we hope to tide over these difficult times, with ease and grace, keeping our focus on qualitative education.