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Making Online Learning Work

We are all limited to our homes in these challenging times. Although large gatherings are being avoided and the school cannot continue in its usual fervour, learning can never stop. Now that we have moved online with our classes, here are some things our students should know about this sphere of learning.

1 . Create a Space of Peace.

Designate a quiet zone that is free of distraction for you to study. Discussing your “quiet zone” with your family or friends may be beneficial as well so that they understand your need to concentrate on your learning.

2. Set a Specific Study Time

When it comes to online school, you don’t have a set time to sit and do your work. You must plan a study time that you can be consistent with, preferably the morning.

3. Eliminate Distractions

A distraction-free environment helps you learn better. Place yourself at the table with only the computer so that nothing else can distract you. Turn off the TV, radio and phone to focus on the work. Remember to log off social media during study time.

4. Stay Engaged

The comfort of home can make you laid back. have the discipline to sit down and say, “I am going to work on this,” as well as the dedication to actually follow through.

5. Stay Connected

The most important part of school is human interaction. Don’t disregard it simply because you’re learning online. Interact with your classmates and teachers as though you were doing in-class learning.

6. Take Notes

Like in a traditional classroom, taking notes makes it easier to remember important pieces of information.

7. Focus on Health

‘A healthy mind lives in a healthy body’. Our brain can only work to its fullest if our body is well. Take regular breaks that involve exercise and fresh air and eating good food!

8. Practise Cyber Safety

Brush up on your awareness about cyber safety. Prevent yourself from getting cyber bullied or break any cyber security norms.

Above all, enjoy the process, the opportunities and unique experience that online study can provide!