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How technology is integrated into the KPS teaching curriculum?

With the pandemic hitting the entire globe and thus forcing everyone to stay indoors, the need of the hour is to have technology integrated with education so that the real meaning of education is not lost. At KPS, one of the best CBSE schools in Ghaziabad, we are making use of technology to empower teachers and enable students.

“Technology has forever changed the world we live in”. 

With the use of technology, people get to experiment and be more productive. The use of technology has empowered the generation of today to use it for their benefit while learning and working from anywhere across the globe.

At Khaitan Public School, we celebrate Technology Week every year, where Teachers and students make the best use of this opportunity to integrate emerging technologies within their Computing & ICT lessons and across the school curriculum.  The students take part in several activities ranging from ‘Coding’ Session to showcasing their work through interactive sessions. ICT Week provides KPS students with a much-awaited opportunity to showcase their talent with zeal.

Last year, students designed presentations on the theme- “Digital Literacy” while the teachers regularly shared videos to apply the takeaways from the videos for their presentations. They were provided with feedback on the activities and powerpoint presentations. The week engaged the learners in an interactive session on ‘Coding’ conducted by Mr. Kunal Orzade, from Cambridge University press. This was an interactive session where students asked several questions from Mr. Kunal with the chat box constantly buzzing. Not just senior students, but students from the Primary school also created gadgets in MS Paint. They created wonderful and engaging stories in the ‘Scratch’ Software. The students participated in the discussion on the topic “Technology Around the World and E-safety.” Not just this, the senior students learnt about artificial intelligence and how our world will change with its usage.

The ICT Week culminated on 18th June 2021 with a Tech Quiz using Kahoot platform. The quiz focused on Digital Literacy and basic computer knowledge. The top ten performers from each class were acknowledged for their outstanding work.

With several discussions around the topics, it was evident that integration of technology is successful when it is easily accessible and readily available. Also, it should be a part of the routine and must support the curricular goals of an educational institute. This will help students as well as teachers to reach their goals.

Here are few ways KPS classrooms are using technology for teaching and learning:

  1. Online learning and blended classroom learning

Teachers are exploring blended learning, which is a combination of both online and face-to-face education to impart education and interactively teach complex topics. KPS is renowned as one of the top 10 schools in Rajnagar Extension.

  1. Project-based learning

At KPS, we ensure that the projects or assignments given to students make use of technology from the beginning till the end.

  1. Game-based learning

We are also making use of simulations and game-based learning activities for providing education and learning. The students love the creative side of it and experiment with movie making techniques.

  1. Podcasts, videos, or slideshows

Students are being encouraged to use digital skills for creating meaningful content and projects explaining tough concepts in a simple language.

Other than the strategies listed here, KPS- the top 10 Cbse school of Ghaziabad also employs digital storytelling and multimedia presentations to showcase learning concepts to students. For example, they are using online maps and satellite imagery to teach geography. There are multiple activities using which children are learning how to research on the given topic. They also learn how to collaborate for maths and science experiments or learn computers online. In the challenging times of today, the use of technology can equip each one of us with better skills, learning standards and coping mechanisms. Khaitan Public School is one of the institutions that acknowledge this and transformed the challenge into a learning opportunity. If you are looking for a school that uses technology to students’ advantage and effective learning, KPS is one of the best choices for you.

Get in touch with us today to know how we can make learning a seamless experience for your child with our efficient learning strategies and techniques.