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5 Ways to Help Your Child Achieve Excellence in Life

The future of a child depends on their upbringing done by their parents. Fostering the child so that it achieves the purpose of life is a dream of all the parents. However, in the quest of introducing your child to success, one must not force it for anything. Instead, the path of passion ignition would be a perfect choice.

CBSE Schools in Rajnagar extension Ghaziabad focus on making students academically and overall future ready.

Every child is born with some innate talent and behaviour pattern that could make him odd from the rest. But, once it gets recognized, streamlined polishing guarantees an achiever in your ward. The Best Schools in Rajnagar Ghaziabad goes by this theory to make your child an achiever.

A child must know the importance of integrity, hard work, intelligent choices, prompt decision-making, and time-saving patterns.

Some of the regular pieces of advice to make your child an achiever are-

1. Confident but not overconfident

It is reported from an American journal that when a student is labelled as brilliant, they are afraid of failure and get unmotivated. So, they had emphasised the hard work yield. They have focussed on learning methodology rather than on the intelligence and IQ of the student. The learning process inoculates reasoning, which is a step to success. The child must be moulded, so that quest for knowledge does not terminate in him. A child must be made prepared for uncertainties that may come even after absolute input from his side.

Your love and affection must not supersede the old parenting hack of punishment and reward. The child must know that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. He must know what his actions would yield.

2. Innovation in learning methods

The Best CBSE Schools in Rajnagar extension Ghaziabad focus on experiential and innovative learning methodologies, especially after the New Education Policy came to be. The focus is on a practical approach that is better yielding than theoretical methods.

Learning must be approached with fun and creativity. Students should learn how to collaborate, exchange ideas, and communicate effectively. Giving them small responsibilities will make them analyse the situations at ground level.

At home, preschoolers and younger children can learn from constructive and creative games available.

3. Learning from flaws and failures

Students must know that failures follow success and vice versa also happens. This way, determination of long-term goal longing is there. The taste of achievement after loss, perseverance, and assiduous paths makes the child form and content. The overprotective behaviour of mentors devoid them of flavours of failures.

4. Prepared to beat challenges

In the process of learning and achieving, the hurdles must be handled with patience and tact. A child must be able to quantify the amount of reaction to be given when faced with challenges. A child must come out of its comfort zone as there is no absolute concept of inborn talent and intelligence. One who is furnished to beat hurdles and learn new things will achieve success. Admission in Best Schools in Rajnagar Ghaziabad can help a child achieve this.

5. The privilege of the way out

Parents and teachers must recognize the inclination of the student. Excelling in academic achievement or co-curricular activities does not mark the success level. Achievement lies in passion, and counselling and coaching can help them in reaching out their goals.

Best Schools in Rajnagar extensions on the basis of National Education Policy (NEP 2022) have designed their curriculum such that students shine in their way.


The future of education depends on the best quality knowledge provided to them. Hence, parents have to take crucial steps to make them a better human being.