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How To Establish Routines During Online School Days?

With online learning becoming a part of life now, several students and parents have no other option than to follow a new daily routine. Yes, this kind of home-schooling is new to almost all of us in India, especially when we were not prepared to start following this in a structured way, but life has its surprises. So, the key is to establish a new online routine in order to get on track and at the same time not miss what you should be learning with each passing day. But at the same time, the students as well as teachers need to remember the fact that following and receiving instructions in a physical classroom is easy and to make online learning work, you both need to make some adjustments.

Well, our experts have prepared some strategies that can help students attend online school and derive maximum knowledge with the help of a manageable routine. Read on:

  1. Create A Learning Schedule—And Follow It Religiously

One major benefit of online school or home-school is that your child can learn anywhere, anytime. However, you would still require a routine and structure to follow in order to succeed. This means, you need to designate certain times as your learning times and remain most productive during those times.

  1. Don’t Confine Yourself To Your Study Table

With online learning comes the facility to learn from anywhere, so do take advantage of this and sit comfortably on your favorite couch, or in the balcony when you witness a nice weather or at your favorite spot in the living room. Take small, frequent breaks and walk a little in the house to keep moving and feel recharged.

  1. Assign A Place For Everything

Handling learning from your house can be difficult and you tend to scatter your supplies almost everywhere. Don’t worry! This can also be handled by assigning designated storage shelves in your book cabinet or a bin for each subject on your table. However, this should become part of your daily routine and would help you stay organized in a longer run.

  1. Schedule Your Mealtimes

You have to be very cautious while planning your lunch and snack times during an online school day. While it is imperative for teachers/school authorities to give students “lunch break” time, as a student, you also need to find out what works better for you. You can plan to either have breakfast before you start your class or have it during the ‘recess’ time.

  1. Advance Planning Helps!

Most of students have their schedules with them, so it is important to plan your learning well in advance. This will help you assess what all you will be doing throughout the day next day and also prioritizing your stuff. This will help you manage your time pretty well and also remain organized and focused.

Just follow these very simple tips and use some amount of extra planning and experimentation techniques. At the same time, stick with the same method unless any technical issue forces you to change the strategy. Happy Home-schooling!