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Careers at Khaitan Public School : The Experience of Working at KPS

Thinking of a career in education? Well, becoming a teacher in one of the top CBSE Schools in Ghaziabad is certainly the most obvious choice. With so a diverse range of subjects being taught these days, teachers or educators also have an option to deliver value education as per their specialization to the specific age groups. Khaitan Public School- top 10 schools in Ghaziabad boasts of a modern education system with a well-defined mission to be present in every city of India while providing quality education to the masses and creating leaders for tomorrow.

At KPS, we offer an invigorating and rewarding work environment with an endless range opportunity to learn and grow every day to all our educators and faculties.


Why Work For KPS?

  1. Solid Paycheck

At KPS, we value our educators- they are the patrons of knowledge and thus we reward them by paying the best salaries as per the government standards. The career with us comes with endless opportunities for advancing and increasing your pay overtime through your performance and passion for your work.

  1. Become an expert- overtime!

It is said that it takes your 3 years of teaching to master any subject and the best way to learn a topic is to teach it. This is because students keep asking questions to understand or dig a topic deeper and thus you also tend to learn more until you fully master it. Here come some wise words from Aristotle: “Those who know, do. Those who understand, teach.”

  1. Recognition for Staff

At KPS, we never fail to appreciate and reward the hard work and sincerity of our faculties and staff members. We give them their due credit in terms of reward, recognition and career advancement options from time to time. That makes it another solid reason why you should join KPS to enhance your teaching skills and get rewarded too.

  1. Structured Training and Certification Programmes

We understand it is important to keep honing your skills and keep learning new ones. While this helps us develop and project us as a better intuition, it also helps us to send the best talent to the community. We organize various training sessions for our teachers and staff members to develop their skills and competencies as per the emerging needs of online regime.


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  1. Job Security

Teaching is a great career option. Other than offering you mastery on your subject, it also instills confidence and allows you to establish yourself as a good teacher. You will have numerous jobs available- all the time. Moreover, if you get associated with a reputed, best CBSE school in Ghaziabad, you certainly have an edge over others.

  1. We are equipped with Tools for Independent Teaching and Learning

Our teachers have access to a rich, varied resource library on campus and various portals such as Google Classrooms, Khan Academy and Adobe for Teachers. This is to engage them further and get dedicated support and brush up their skills as needed. So, you have an opportunity to learn as well as teach! Sounds interesting? Apply Now!