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Ways To Be In Shape In Lockdown


Everyone likes to be fit and be in good shape. But, in this situation where people from all over the world are dying, we have to follow the rules and stay at home. Staying at home means welcoming lots of calories. We spend most of the time on TVs and phones and forget about our health. While staying at home we should keep ourselves fit too. So here are some tips that will keep you fit during this epidemic:-

Let’s eat healthily!

  • Drink as much as water you can.
  • Try to eat fruits and drink juice in breakfast for getting more nutrients and energy.
  • Try to eat food rich in vitamin A, vitamin c, and zinc for a better immune system.
  • Try eating nuts and dried fruits for snacks.
  • Try eating less junk food.

You all might be wondering why we need to eat healthily? A healthy diet prevents malnutrition and protects us from diseases. Good nutrition improves well-being. It will also keep you fit and prevent unnecessary fat. It helps us manage a healthy weight. We should maintain our immune system by taking proper vitamins and minerals. Eating a well-balanced diet will help support a healthy immune system. It gives us energy.

Let’s Work Out!

  • Take out at least 1 hour for work out at home.
  • If you are not a workout person, DANCE out yourself. Show off your moves!
  • You could also prefer yoga or breathing exercises.
  • You can use some of the heavy items in your house and turn on your work out mode.
  • You can also join dance classes online to keep you enthusiastic and active at home.

Working out, Dancing or doing Yoga builds aerobic power, focus, and energy. They reduce our blood pressure and lowers the risks of diabetes. They keep our bones and joints strong and build muscle mass. They burn unwanted calories in our body. They reduce our stress and lifts up our mood. They develop body awareness and tone our body. It also improves our breathing ability.

 We have lots of ways to keep ourselves fit physically as well as mentally. We can eat healthy food, dance, workout or do yoga. We can do a lot in this lockdown instead of just sitting. These exercises will bring positivity in us. Everyone across the world is in the same state, it is important to remember that many of us maybe luckier than our other fellow citizens. Hence, we need to look at the bright side of things. So I’m signing off by saying, Stay in shape, Stay motivated, Stay safe and Stay at home. Thank you!