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Back To School: 7 Tips To Improve Mental Health

Returning to school after a span of two years is not easy! If your child is heading back to school soon, you need to pay attention to their mental and physical health once they resume it. Children are not as equipped to handle stressful situations as adults are so it becomes the responsibility of adults to enable them to handle situations, which can cause stress, anxiety, and feelings of isolation for them.

In fact, it is the combined responsibility of parents and teachers to ensure that a good learning environment is created for the children where their emotional well-being is taken care of along with their physical health. At Khaitan Public School- which is one of the best private schools in ghaziabad, we have formulated few engaging strategies for parents and teachers when schools reopen:

  1. Be empathetic to your child’s concerns

The covid-19 pandemic has impacted the life and lifestyle of children and adolescents equally. It is important for teachers to listen to the concerns of students and develop confidence by showing empathy and understanding. Engaging in a one-to-one conversation with them to discuss their concerns is certainly a good strategy. If the child shares something that is bothersome, it is important to pay attention and take measures to safeguard them.

  1. Keep a check

It takes time to get adjusted to a new pattern. So, at Khaitan Public School- the top CBSE school in Ghaziabad, we have plans to ensure that children feel comfortable when they are back. It is natural to not pay attention to studies first and taking more time than usual to get back into the learning routine. The idea is to provide them frequent breaks and thus more time to move around and mingle with other students and re-connect with peers and teachers.

  1. Educate and counsel children

When children are returning back to school, they might have questions and memories related to COVID-19. It is important for school authorities to give them factual information and provide them with appropriate educational resources backed with scientific evidence. You can use the initial few days to inform and update them about global measures taken to counter COVID-19 and how the school is taking requisite precautions to minimize the risk. Guide them about various school safety protocols educating them on what needs to be done in case there is a COVID-19 case detected in the classroom.

  1. Invite suggestions from parents

At Khaitan Public School, we have even invited suggestions from parents and children on how to create a safe and comfortable work environment for everyone. We are leaving no stone unturned to provide the children with a safe and comfortable learning environment and provide them with requisite guidance on how to follow school safety procedures and use available material resources. Children can provide suggestions and present ideas in the form of creative welcoming messages and experiences to decorate their classrooms.

  1. Encourage the children to participate in sports

Health and fitness play a key role in combating any disease including a pandemic like COVID-19. So, as parents, you must encourage your child to return to school to learn new things together and engage in lots of opportunities while practicing safety guidelines.

  1. Teachers must play a key role

Teaching is a stressful profession as it requires a great deal of interaction with children with different personalities in the same classroom setting. We encourage our teachers to maintain their own physical and mental health and take plenty of rest and exercise in order to be calm and composed during the classes.

  1. Watch out for any stress signs in your child

As a parent, you need to be more attentive to any significant changes in your child’s behavior. If something persists over time that prevents them from following a routine or protocols, offer them a lot of support. At the same time, ensure they are getting required learning support too along with guidance.

We, at KPS, are all set to welcome children with lots of love, praise, and learning opportunities. Teachers are ready to guide and nurture young brains with feelings of safety and security. There are lots of activities that children can engage in while developing positive relationships with other students. Just reach out to us to know how we are committed to providing your child with a safe learning environment once they are back to school.