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Fearing Long Term Learning Losses, Emotional Wellbeing: Students, Academicians Demand Reopening of Schools

Fearing long-term learning losses and impact on emotional, and social wellbeing of students, academicians across India are demanding for reopening of schools. Students too are eager to rejoin classes.

Riyaan Upadhyaya, a class 10 student at DPS-RNE Ghaziabad told,  “It is a long time since I met my classmates and teachers. I am longing to meet them and play with them.”

Peer learning, however, is not the only thing kids miss while studying at home. “The learning gap that we face in certain subjects which has practical applications, would finally be addressed. We would need handholding by teachers till we get back to our old normal days,” said Upadhyaya who will be appearing for board exams this year based on a new pattern.

Schools across some states including Delhi, Punjab, Maharashtra are reopening amid strict COVID-19 protocol, the younger kids will have to wait even longer.

“We have lost precious time for especially the young ones for their social-emotional development. Nobody could be blamed for this. But now I feel, some decisions should be made, keeping in mind the long term implications on children’s mental health from school being shut. As of the current data, the youngest children are least affected from Covid and with vaccinations increasing its pace, its time schools should start opening in a phased manner starting with the youngest lot,”