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Khaitan News September'2023

Congratulations to Khaitan News on completing a phenomenal year! 🎉

A year that seemed to fly by, yet left us with a treasure trove of memories, events, and honors. Our young and vibrant team of anchors, reporters, and producers showcased immense talent straight from their classrooms, making every moment worth capturing. 🎙️📺 Who could forget the Kala Mahotsav? An enchanting cultural fest that left everyone spellbound with its magic.

A shoutout to our school’s tennis prodigy, who consistently brought glory with every match she played. 🎾🥇 And let’s not forget our exceptional team of skaters and swimmers who made us proud time and again! ⛸️🏊 Every time our little stars took to the stage, their innocence and charm stole the show. A round of applause for our tiny wonders! 👏🌟

Our techie team always had innovative ideas up their sleeves, earning heaps of appreciation for making our students so tech-oriented.
Behind this successful year stood our educators, the unwavering pillars of support, ensuring every story was told and every achievement celebrated. Here’s to the dynamic synergy of our students and educators! Cheers to many more years of success and stories worth telling! 🥂🌟