Silver CBSE Youth Ideathon Nov 2023

KPS Stars Shine at CBSE Youth Ideathon!
We’re bursting with pride and excitement to celebrate the school’s outstanding achievements at the CBSE Youth Ideathon!
Meet our Silver Heroes, Team Ecocool from Grade 6: Navya, Vedant, Mayuk, Harshita, and Pulkit, guided by mentor Jayatishree Saxena. They clinched silver and soared into India’s Top 10 Junior category. What a remarkable journey!
A big round of applause for KPS, our innovative powerhouse, winning the Bronze “School of Innovation” award. This is a tribute to our commitment to fostering bright, creative minds.
“Cheers to our T & L Tech Coach, Monika Sharma, for being the ‘Innovation’ bronze winner, and for lighting the path of creativity and excellence.”
Special shoutout to Monika Sharma and Jayatishree Saxena for their standout contributions to the CBSE Youth Ideathon Expert Panel.
🔝 Our achievers made a mark among over 1.5 lakh participants, showcasing their skills at IIT Delhi’s Dogra Hall.