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Key to Online-Offline Balance

During these unprecedented times, the difference between our online and offline lives has become even more blurred. For the students, besides our usual screen time, we are doing all our school work online. For the parents, our office work has gone completely online.  Thus, online life has become even a more critical part of our lives and most of us are struggling with the balance.

Now, consider this interesting statistic. An average human being picks up his phone 126 times a day. Considering that an average human sleeps for 7 hours, we pick up our phones more than 7 times in an hour (126 times/17 waking hours). This is just phones and normal circumstances we’re talking about. If we include other screens like laptops and tablets etc. and the current unprecedented times when screen time is at an all-time high, this number will go up significantly.

Does this number of “picking up your phone 7 times in an hour” seem like the unconscious and unintentional of our technology usage?

If you don’t feel like that, think about how the following sounds while talking to your kid/family member:

“Hey <name of kid/family member>, I’m picking up my phone to check my social media/email/game 7 times in an hour”

If there is one key step you can take to transform your technology usage right now,it is to take a deep breath and askyour intention every time you pick up your screen.

Just take a quick one minute break next time you have the urge to pick up your screen, take a deep breath and question yourself:

“What is my intention behind picking up the screen that I’m going to use?”

“Is it really urgent?”

“Can it wait?”

 “What am I losing out on if I pick up this screen right now?”

It is in these small moments of intentions, that our relationships are strengthened. It is in these small moments where we are prioritizing listening to our family. It is in these small moments wherein we can appreciate the beauty around us.

Remember, even if you fail to be intentional sometimes, it’s okay.  Don’t be harsh on yourself. These are unprecedented times and it’s important to be kind to ourselves and self-compassionate. You always have another moment to be intentional and transform your relationships.

But, in the next moment,don’t forget to ask yourself. What is my intention? Would I prefer to build an unhealthy relationship with my screen by picking it up multiple times in an hour or a healthy relationship with my family or appreciate the beauty around me?

The choice is with us. The intention is with us.

What do you “Intend” to do?