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Is Experiential Learning is the Future of Learning?

In today’s time, the pragmatic perspective of attaining proficiency is the most innovative approach to upgrade the skills and knowledge in learners. Experiential Learning is such an approach that focuses on the practical rather than theoretical basis of the study. It emphasizes the learning by experience in which knowledge originates by transforming the hands-on daily life experiences. The ability to change these life experiences determines the level of experiential learning.

Top schools in Ghaziabad have ventured into an experiential learning approach to ready their students to face the 21st-century competitive era.

Sometimes our own experiences make us learn new things, while others’ experiences also play an essential role in our knowledge enhancement. Experiential learning is helpful in the encouragement of collaboration, communication, exchange of ideas and perspectives.

The CBSE schools in Ghaziabad understand the future of learning via experiential learning and its broader applications in the real world.


Advantages of Experiential Learning

  • It facilitates fast learning

The novice learning approach by practical or direct/ indirect experiences facilitates a faster learning mode. The long-established parrot-fashion is outshined by learning with expertise. The conceptual approach, when blended with the heuristic approach, yields better.

  • It escalates critical thinking

Analyzing the positive and negative aspects of a situation is the most crucial part of critical thinking. This thinking is possible when things are experienced at a practical level.

  • It personalizes learning approach

It is well accepted that every child is born with some exceptional peculiarity that needs to be polished over time. Not all children fit in the traditionally designed genre. Every child will evolve at its pace and learn better. They can achieve the deadlines assigned in real life in different ways for better output.

  • It gives good time to evolve 

Mere grades and exams penned do not determine the child’s ability; instead, holistic learning is a new aim. Experiential learning does not end with a failure as in a conventional testing system. Even failure finds the way to success.

  • It promotes problem-solving 

The goal of solving the task by applying all the measures to tackle any situation is the essence of experiential learning. Here, the scenario generates the idea of meeting new people, analyzing things from a different angle, and adopting new technologies and approaches to come out victorious. The fighter spirit is enhanced by experiential learning.

  • It enhances creativity

The ability to research and creating opportunities to implement real-life applications is the highest level of creativity supported by experiential learning.

  • It helps in decision making

When the situation has been analyzed at all the possible levels, the decision-making becomes facile. Through experiential learning, one does not rely on observation of others; instead, its scrutiny helps in concluding the better options.

  • It enhances debriefing and consolidation of ideas and skills

The skills and thoughts running in the mind can be transformed into opportunities. If the experience has been good, the option will be a milestone.

  • It improves reflection

It plays a crucial role in experiential learning as it makes one realize the ethical angle associated with experience gained via a practical approach. Once the significance of the experience is unclouded, the experiential approach is successful.

  • It helps in the application of ideas

Based on the previous knowledge and experiences, the new situation can be tackled easily. Once the reflection is clear, even the older experiences are well applied to the more recent problems to have constructive outcomes.

Final thought
It is concluded that experiential learning helps to establish the children to compete and create opportunities for themselves. The research skills are enhanced and bring out something unique that makes one stand out from the crowd. This is why many schools in Ghaziabad have adopted experiential learning as the latest in learning methodologies.