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Career Counselling for Students at Top Schools in Ghaziabad

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” — Malcolm X

If you want a bright and prosperous future for your children, guidance and counselling plays an important role. Young brains are fragile and thus can be shaped with effective counselling and handholding. A school plays an important role here. Not only students are advised on managing and dealing with personal problems, but get guidance on the selection of courses and career paths. If you want a great life for your child after school, it’s important to prepare them for life after school now!

Khaitan Public School has assessed the need for effective counselling much before other top schools in Ghaziabad did so. The school recently held a mega career fest using the virtual platform. Several premier universities from various countries were invited to this event. With 22 specific course-wise sessions where 28 universities’ representatives participated, the event turned out to be a huge success.

The event emerged as a perfect platform to the Senior Secondary students wherein they explored professional and undergraduate education opportunities available to them in renowned universities in India & Abroad.

Such sessions hosted by an educational institute offer an insight to students and parents about —-Specific Career Choices, Application Processes, Eligibility, Admission Criteria, Fee Structure, Scholarships etc. along with the “campus life” experience. Other benefits of holding career counselling for students at top CBSE schools in Ghaziabad include:

  1. Right focus and understandingTop 10 Schools in Ghaziabad

Through regular focus on your child’s development and personality needs, effective guidance and support can build a relationship of trust where the child can be redirected and counselled to a better future using appropriate mentoring skills.


  1. Overall developmentTop 10 Schools in Ghaziabad

Along with career and academic development, we, at KPS, lay a great emphasis on overall development where we help the child to obtain required knowledge, attitude, and develop interpersonal skills to help them achieve their goals.


Top 10 Schools in Ghaziabad

  1. Maintaining discipline

Counselling is nothing but a relationship of trust and guidance, which can be maintained through consistent efforts and discipline. We at KPS, keep a check on your child’s development and help them develop leadership qualities for achieving success in life.


How a Career Counselling For Students Helps?

A career counsellor working with a top school in Ghaziabad pays attention to both: academic as well as personal problems. The students get desired aid for interviews, career scopes, study techniques, and skills needed to attain their goal. When we introduce them to external world agencies, we mentally prepare them for future aspirations and align their efforts to reach there. We understand it can be a difficult task to first get the desired information and then pass it on to your child, so, here we have experts doing this job for you under close supervision. We have identified several study techniques and knowledge to shape up the learning behavior of children and work through their personal problems to help them achieve their goals.

An early intervention from a counsellor can help you identify learning difficulties faced by children, address their psychological concerns and educate them about them in a structured manner. So, when you are choosing a good school for your child, pay attention whether they have a career counselling team in place.