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Learning Programs & Events at Best Schools in Ghaziabad

Learning must never be confined to classrooms- it is beyond what you can see. Here at Khaitan Public School- one of the best schools in Ghaziabad our aim is to provide skills to make learning an experience in itself. That’s right! If a student knows the right way to learn, they will be a lifelong learner and achiever in every sense. We aim at providing a learning experience that helps us build the leaders for tomorrow. In this article, we will explore how KPS has emerged as one of the top schools in Ghaziabad with a consistent focus on learning-oriented programs and events.


Here Is Sneak Peak At Some Of The Learning Programs And Events Practiced In KPS.

  • TEDx@KPS
    A TEDx event is a day dedicated to brilliant speakers who indulge in thought-provoking sessions and intellectual conversations. At KPS, we host a unique gathering in the educational community every year where we unleash new ideas.
  • MUN Conference
    The KhaitanMUN Inter-School Thinkers’ Conclave is an annual event with more than 200 students from 22 schools participating from across the country as delegates, reporters, photographers and caricaturists. Through MUN Conference, we aim to spark a thought process among young brains that can lead to a positive change in the world.The highlight of the event is to conduct rounds of discussions and debates on tangible issues wherein the participants deliver ardent speeches and share rational ideas. The topics can be related to the problems of gender bias, flaws in the education system, and multitudes of political issues.
  • Leadership Camp
    This is a two-day camp held in the school campus to develop positive leadership skills in the students. The modules covered include various interactive sessions on time, personal and stress management, communication skills, empathy and physical endurance. These activities help the students realize their true capability.
  • Clubs
    At KPS, we have integrated a large number of co-curricular activities and academic programs to facilitate learning in novel ways. Students have regular periods assigned for these in the time table. These clubs help students help the learners develop a life with self-worth and develop a professional outlook.
  • Sports
    Sports and games help students develop team spirit and foster sportsmanship. They also help boost self-discipline, confidence and contribute to the all-round development of the child. Here are various sports activities we practice at KPS: Basket Ball, Skating, Netball, Shooting, Table Tennis, Tennis, Football, Cricket, Badminton, Swimming/Yoga and Taekwondo.
  • Performing Arts
    At KPS, we allow students to develop skills of expression, balance and coordination through performing arts such as dance, drama and music. This is a brilliant way to reflect emotions and develop communication skills. The activities include: Urja, Western Dance, Indian Dance, Folk- Classical or Fusion, Hindustani Vocal, Rhythemosaic, Western Vocal & Guitar, Keyboard, Drums, Tabla, Saxophone and Violin, theatre and drama.
  • Visual Arts
    Visual Arts refers to the artistic expression through forms and shapes with the help of various mediums such as painting. Learning visual arts can help the learners develop sense of aesthetics and art appreciation. Some activities practiced at KPS include: Statuette, Ceramica, Artistry, Graphics, Delineation, Painting, Sculpture, Fashion & Textile.
  • Utilizing Learning from Ancient India
    Other than the activities and events listed here, the school closely follows learning principles and strategies from the ancient India education system- Gurukul where teachers educated their disciples irrespective of their caste and financial position in the society.They aimed at developing a deeper understanding of life and required skills among students to help them face any type of challenge in life. At KPS, we ensure student learn these skills and become more caring, self-confident and disciplined individuals who have a focus on acquiring knowledge and not just facts.
  • Implementing Socio emotional learning at Schools
    We have students coming from diverse multicultural and multilingual backgrounds, and thus we are equipped with different teaching and motivation strategies to boost academic performance. Practicing social and emotional learning or SEL offers a strong means to instil positive learning and enhance skills. The students are more aware- socially and individually and build better relationships while learning new skills.
  • Strategies for developing genius and intelligence in children
    At KPS, we use various strategies to develop creative pursuit among children. We help them develop a mindset to tackle roadblocks and promote intellectual and personal growth.


If you want to know how we can help your child develop creative genius through our learning programs and activities, stay tuned!

We will be covering more of these activities in our blog in days to come.
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