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Are Indian Women Safe?

We the citizens of India are living in 21st Century & are trying to compete with other countries but what is the use of making such effort if each one of us still has to ask ourselves weather the women in the country are safe of not ?

It is a female who only helps everyone at different stages of her life by being a daughter, sister, friend, wife & mother. But what does the society give her in return…..We have put her in a situation where she is begging for her safety.

In India, till now we have witnessed 35600 cases of rape & these are just major ones which have been reported .Apart from these, there are hundreds of thousands of other cases of brutality on women on account of dowery, burning the brides & domestic violence. As per the data, on an average 92 women (minor & major) are raped in India every day. And many other are blackmailed, threatened & harassed by some devilish males. Comparing such males to animals would rather be an insult of animals as even animals done behave the way human beings treat females in the society.

These days the dominance of minor girls & filing cases against the POCSE Act has become a common practice in India. Every day 3-4 pages of newspapers are flooded with news of female harassment. Starting from an infant of 4 months to a women in her 90’s, none is spared by these demons. These people have no humanity as for them, females are just born to fulfill their demonic needs. We have given reservation for women but which of no use as every single minute a woman has to fight for her safety & dignity.

I don’t think that this is what we call gender equality where one gender is stamped out by the other. It takes a lot of effort to say that India is the only country where female is neither safe inside the womb nor outside.

In the end, I have a feeling that India cannot be called a safe country for women, till the time the entire society takes the ownership to be responsible enough for each & every female & make this country a better Nation.