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3 Ways To Activate Creativity & Genius Mode In Students

Genius is often misunderstood as ‘being blessed’ or ‘being different.’ So, how many times you have characterized Albert Einstein or Warren Buffett as ‘different? Do you know the steps to cultivate ‘genius’ have very less to do with inherent talent and more to do with ‘ways to cultivate’ it? Various cognitive psychology studies have indicated that it is possible to alter the basic aspect of intelligence, and even intelligence itself through training and guidance.

Let’s explore how KPS- one of the best international schools in ghaziabad is formulating interesting ways to cultivate a creative mindset among their students.


What Is The Basic Characteristic Of Genius?

Before we explore the ways to cultivate creativity and genius mode in students, you need to first understand how your mindset plays an important role in this process. The mindset here refers to a person’s beliefs about his own self and also awareness of their basic qualities. So, if you strongly believe that you cannot be a genius, then chances are higher for you not becoming the one. Doubting yourself and lack of action- these are two roadblocks that can obstruct your intellectual growth. The good news is you can curb them if you just decide to open your mind to endless possibilities around you. At KPS, we aim at helping our students achieve just that- but with a lot of encouragement and a positive and optimistic mindset.


Here Are Ways To Activate Creativity & Genius Mode In Students:

Here are few ways, which we use for developing a creative pursuit in our students:

  1. Exemplify A Genius Mindset For Students

If you want your students to succeed, you first need to demonstrate how this can be done. Yes, they need to see it in action and that too on a regular basis. What exactly it is? How to handle failure and still be optimistic? Either they can view you as a struggling teacher with a fixed mindset- trapped there forever or the one evaluating and embracing challenges and looking at them as an opportunity to improve your teaching skills and enabling them to enhance their learning skills in this process.


  1. Give More Importance To The Process- And Not Correct Responses

For all the practical subjects we teach, we encourage our students to focus more on the correct process and not correct responses so that they understand the correct process of learning. When they follow the process correctly, they eventually find the correct answers too.


  1. Value Mistakes And Perseverance

Making mistakes and learning how not to make the same mistakes again is important and valuable too. So, the mistakes can be considered as the building blocks of creativity and genius. At Khaitan Public School, we encourage students to view their mistakes as another step towards the mastery of a skill or removal of a roadblock.

In the end, you need to consider genius as not only a mindset but a behavior that allows students to reprogram their minds and consider failure as ‘normal.’ If they want to be genius, they have to ‘willing’ to fail, persevere, and learn to focus on the learning process. They have to be ‘different’ in order to creative- and that makes them special and successful in life.