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Second Annual TEDx at Khaitan Public School

On the 10th of October 2020, Khaitan Public School Sahibabad organised it’s second annual TEDx virtually. Among the 9 amazing speakers, were 2 Khaitanians. The Chief Guest, Mr. Florian Goffin has travelled across the globe spreading the message of natural conservation and has learned from the local people as well. He started the event with the Chief Guest’s Address and emphasised on Minimalist living. He strongly believes in Mahatma Gandhi’s teaching of being the change that we want to see in the society.He is a man who followed his passion, inspired by his inner revolution and he perused to live in his own way and a living example showed that one can achieve his goals for life if we believe in ourselves.

Session 1

Our first speaker, Ms. Jhoomar Mehta spoke on the drastic change in the environment during the pandemic. She correctly said that we cannot go back to the pre Covid era. Instead of thinking about when the pandemic will be over, we should think about how we are going to live our life after the pandemic.

Then, Shivraj Khaitan laid emphasis on e-waste management.He stated that 95% of India’s e-waste is not recycled resulting in pollutants as bromides, fluorides and lead polluting our environment, poisoning mankind in different ways.Thus, arising the need to create awareness and disposing of e-waste in an optimum manner.

Session 2

After a very short break, came the Student Talks Session where 2 of our amazing Khaitanians spoke on various topics. Nandika Rohith emphasised on having the right attitude and believing in yourself, of how motivation, self analysis, balance in academics and co curriculars and focus can help you become exceptional.

Following that, Sparsh Nitin expressed that Ancient India was far ahead in terms of technology and science than any of the countries till date. He talked of the Gurukul system prevailing in ancient India , Sanatan Dharma and gave examples of accounts of Lord Krishan’s heart and Angkor Wat Temple to prove our achievements.

Session 3

In Session 3, Mr. Rimp Dorjee, a senior engineer of the Sikkim State Government stressed on the devastating worldwide impact of Global Warming. He addressed an urgent need to save the Himalayas from rise in temperature of the globe, and explained Sikkim’s exemplary achievements in sustainable development.He inspired the audience by discussing simple yet effective measures which create a widespread impact.

YUGM, a well known Indian band, also preached the importance of understanding ‘Raag’ and ‘Beraag’ for true self-evaluation.They bewitched us with their song ‘Tujhe Sab Kuch Chahiye’ emphasising the insatiable desires of humans and the threat they pose to mother earth. With their soulful concoction, they left the audience astounded.

Next, Mr Kapil Sharma, a software engineer, aimed to plant as many saplings as he could when he was shocked at mass tree-felling in Bengaluru. He aims to use technology to rejuvenate lakes. Say Trees NGO, is aimed at agro forestry and provision of a parallel source of income for farmers. He says that our efforts need to be exponential and emphasises the need to save the water table.

Our last session

In our last session, Mr. Karan Bhasin, started by talking about the economic implication of Climate Change.He talked about the problems of externalities. He laid stress on the question “how climate change affects the economy?”. Erratic changes in weather conditions would result in increased migration and prospects of climate refugees in future these changes have potential to contribute to a slower Global growth which word for the have an adverse impact in some of the developing countries.

And finally, our last speaker, Anushka Bindra laid stress on two important words: negligence and ignorance. She suggested celebrating festivals in a more eco-friendly way. She also suggested that people should contact third parties which are NGOs working for the same cause.The takeaway was that if all the people do at least something for the community, a greater impact would be seen.

And with all this the TEDx at KhaitanPublicSchool came to an end after the beautiful Vote of Thanks by the school’s Principal, Ms. Sonia Anil Verma.