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7th International Day of Yoga (IDY) - "Yoga for well-being"

Yoga is an art and science for healthy living that brings harmony in our lives. As the world continues to battle the Covid 19 pandemic, Yoga becomes more relevant than ever before as it addresses all aspects of human wellbeing. It has been tried and tested that practicing Yoga helps in the development of stronger physical and mental well-being. The simple Yoga kriyas help in regaining the sense of control and enable the mind and body to provide tools for better management of anxiety due to situations beyond control. 

The 7th International Day of Yoga (IDY) was celebrated in KPS on 21st June, 2021. KPS organised a session “Yoga for well-being” for the students, parents and staff in support of Dr. Monika Dewan-Gold Medallist Physical education and sports sciences, Delhi University and Masters from State University of New York. The session was very rejuvenating. More than 300 students, parents and staff members of KPS from all ages joined and engaged in the session for holistic health, happiness and harmony. The students and parents were full of appreciation for Dr. Monika and shared positive comments about the session and requested to organise such sessions

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