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  • Vision 2022: The Upcoming Professions of 21st century

    A seminar on Vision 2022

    Vision 2022: The Upcoming Professions of 21st Century’ was organized by University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) at India Habitat Centre, Delhi on 24th Feb 2018. The aim of the seminar was to throw a spotlight on the specialized skill sets that the recruiters will be looking for in the student candidates in the next decade and beyond.

    Mr. Rituraj Juneja, Director, UPES was one of the honourable speakers at the event. The Vision 22 talk was focused on the change that will be seen in the job market in the coming years. What will be the new kind of jobs and in which sector will see the most changes? Will some sectors also die in the process? As the new jobs, unheard of in the present, will dominate the market and the modern capitalistic world, will the modern generation of students be ready to conquer them? What will be the skills expected of an employee to perform these new jobs? Are modern schools and colleges ready to impart these new skill sets to the students? And what will be the fine employability qualities that will ensure that they are hired by the top-notch companies?

    Vision 2022 workshop was attended by Ms. Sonia Sinha and Ms. Saleha Ashfaq, the School counsellors at Khaitan Public School, Sahibabad. It provided them with invaluable inputs and ideas on the changing world and the ways to ready the students for the new upcoming jobs in various sectors. Their interaction with Mr. Rituraj was also fruitful and was followed a positive and constructive talk on career counselling.

    Khaitan Public School is already involved in serious efforts to ready the students for the modern world. Moving away from sincerely academic pedagogic techniques of the past, the school is leading a revolution in modern education by giving significance to promoting ‘empathy’, ‘compassion’, ‘hunger for knowledge’ and ‘rationality’ in all students. Nurturing the students since pre-primary level, the school has adopted Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum for the Pre-Primary students and International Primary Curriculum for Primary Students. The school also focuses on innumerable focussed programs in varied fields of education and co-curricular programs since early childhood to senior secondary education.

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