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  • Tomorrow Will Come

    Khaitan Samacharby Ankit Rawaton Feb 14, 2020

    Life. It’s a two-way thing. Life happens to a lot of people or a lot of life happens to people. Things don’t really happen overnight but that thing, which can change many things, can happen anytime. Through this little time that I have lived, as the days pass by, and you see evening changing colors from blue to blue-orange and maybe a little pink to dark. I realize, life is happening, every second.

    So, where are you? Sitting somewhere checking through your feed and actually getting nowhere. That thing that you carry everywhere (your phone) even to your bathroom won’t necessarily tell you who real people are and you’ll be stuck. You can never really know the pattern of life because all I see every day are exceptions. Every person is different but that’s is what we are – ordinarily different. It’s you, you may feel it’s hard. You may take time. You may want to stay where you are and it’s okay. It’s okay to be however you are, staring at your wall doing nothing. Okay! Feeling done right now- I say again, okay! However, you know what’s not okay? Doing nothing about this.

    Try and try till your last breath of the day says to you, it’s okay, you did great! And you will do great tomorrow again and again and again. Don’t push yourself too hard. Don’t just carry yourself but really kiss your wounds, say it hasn’t been fine lately but tomorrow will come and it will be better.

    Just live today.

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