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  • Technology in education



    The world seems to be moving in a direction where everyone wants to pursue things at their own pace and space.
    The importance of respecting each other’s space is slowly sinking in and organizations seem to be moving and
    reordering themselves accordingly as well. The online education industry is the biggest example of the same where
    they have given the students the liberty of studying from the comfort of their homes. They no longer need to travel
    to tuition centers to study and understand the concepts of languages science or for that matter mathematics. The
    students can study at whatever time suits them best. Not everyone is at their best at ‘fixed timings’. One student
    might have his energy levels at the highest in the early morning hours and the other one might have the same in the
    evening however the classes happen at a fixed time and not everyone is able to use them as effectively as they
    should be able to notwithstanding the other ‘if and buts’ that tag along with classes at fixed hours. Security is also a
    challenge with children using two wheelers that they should not be using and that too without the required
    paperwork and the security equipment needed e.g. Helmets.


    A sincere goal of the school is to use technology to enhance the teaching-learning experience, and hence it is the
    best school in Sahibabad. It achieves the purpose with the use of Flipped Classrooms, Google Classrooms and Khan
    Academy for 100% of the students of classes V to XII.
    These give both, the parents and the students, the liberty to go about with the assignments at a time which suits
    them. Children would be able to spend time on the assignments with (or without) their parents after they are back
    from work or even on weekends. This can be planned in an effective manner as they are not dependent on the third
    party who is only available for a fixed time and on fixed days.
    Not only this, technology makes running the administrative process much more efficient. From keeping tab on the
    students’ attendance to recording and analyzing their performance, from maintaining a fool-proof ledger of the
    stationery to doing one’s bit to save the environment with the help of paperless communication – technology is the


    Technology does not fall ill or go on unscheduled offs as well. It is available 24X7 365 days a year giving the
    stakeholders enough time to plan their strategy to complete the curriculum without being dependant on the third
    party’s availability.
    The technology also gives you instant gratification which is the buzz word for today’s generation as it gives you
    instant feedback and results. You no longer need to submit your test copies to the teacher who would then take
    another 2-3 days to check and come back with the results. That anxiety has another flavor of course however the
    charm of “instant” is at a different level altogether. It also takes away the stigma of bad scores being made public in
    front of the entire class and then the comparisons with your peers and the unwanted giggles (sic).
    Taking all this and a lot more into consideration technology in education is here to stay. It is for us to decide how we
    utilize the same in the best manner possible.

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