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  • Swachh Khaitan Abhiyan: The Swachh Game

    10 years old, Arush Gaur, builds Two Games for Swachh Khaitan Abhiyan

    10 years old, Arush Vipul Gaur recently amazed his parents and school teachers by creating two exciting mobile/PC games by the name Swachh Khaitan Abhiyan. Arush is a student of Grade V ‘A’ at Khaitan Public School, Sahibabad. He used the website, www.scratch.mit.edu for creating the wonderful and well-thought off games. He remembers studying the scratch computer language in class III and practicing the language ever since. So he was able to create the games, based on logic and reasoning on the free internet platform provided by MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. Arush completed the project under the able guidance of his computer teacher, Ms. Garima Bhasin.

    The purpose of creating games was to create awareness about cleaning the surroundings and take part in the Swachh Khaitan Abhiyaan. One of the games is named ‘Shoot the garbage’. It is a high score based game in which player has to shoot down garbage before it disappears. It is exactly like the spaceship arcade games all of us were addicted to in childhood. The second game is ‘Clean the School’ in which a school student has to accomplish a mission of cleaning the entire school. It is a level based game and the player has to go through a lot of obstacles in the form of obesity, laziness, and casual attitude to finally clean the school.

    Swachh Khaitan Abhiyan is a school initiative along the lines of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to spread awareness about the clean surroundings to students, and to instill behavioral changes at a young age. With these two games at the center of it, it seems to be attracting a lot of attention of young students, thus teaching them the importance of neat and clean surroundings.

    Khaitan Public School, Sahibabad has recently undergone significant change in its approach towards digital media. Recently, Harsh Shandilya, a student of class XII, made a mobile app entirely on his own for the school. Also, students at KPS regularly write at their in-house blog, Konnectrella to share their views. The objective is simple, to connect students, teach them 21st-century skills, and help them understand the uses of many tools on the internet.

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